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Marketing apps – Free apps to download for Marketing. Marketing simply refers to the activity, set of institutions, as well as processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and also exchanging that have got value for partners, clients, customers, and even the society at large.

Marketing App

Effectively marketing a mobile app involves stating your target audience, learning how to reach them, how to interact with them, and also analyzing their in-app behavior to make consistent upgrades as users move through the acquisition funnel.

Marketing Mobile apps

The marketing mobile app allows you to communicate with your users through their complete lifecycle. Right from when they hear about your app first, to when they eventually turn out to be a loyal and regular user. To effectively do this, you will have to find out who will make use of your app.

Also, where you can actually find such people, what to tell them, and finally what they exactly want from you.

The normal way to think of mobile app usage is a series of stages, or “funnel”. There are literally so many funnel stages, however below is a simple view.


The acquisition is the very first step in a user’s interaction with your app. But how do you get them to download and install your app in the very first place? Activation comes in.


The real meaning of “user activation” varies from app to app, however, generally, activation simply means a user’s first action. Just like including their email address or making a first purchase.


Retention simply refers to turning your app into a systematic destination for your users,

The funnel concept is very useful as a model. though, in real life, uses tend to go back and forth between stages, so you may also hear others call this a “mobile engagement loop”.

Each of the stages needs different game plans and methods, and each is needed for an accomplished mobile app marketing strategy.

10 Useful Tips for Creating a pre-launch Marketing Strategy for your Apps.

If you have been wondering how you can begin app marketing, well below are little but easy steps that you should consider while starting an app marketing:

  • The very first thing to do when starting an app marketing is to research your users as well as your competitors.
    begin on time.
  • Build a website for your app.
  • Next is to start up your blog.
  • Then link up with email marketing.
  • Also, create a buzz with social media.
  • Prepare a press kit.
  • Get influencers.
  • Call for beta testers.
  • And lastly, upgrade your app store listing.
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Free Apps to download for Marketing your Business

The apps I listed below are the top best marketing apps that will assist you in achieving your goals.


The top one on our list is Buffer! Buffer is a social media tool that enables you to directly schedule posts to so many social media platforms. Including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedln, and Instagram.

You can as well make use of this marketing app to include content that you see online directly to your social media schedule just by making use of Buffer’s browser extension.


Buffer has as well got a free plan which enables users to manage about 3 social accounts, and also schedule close to ten posts at a time for each of them. The payment plan begins at $15 monthly to manage additional social accounts or even schedule more posts.

Interestingly, this app is available for download on both Android devices and iOS.


PixxFly automates the sharing as well as the syndication of every of your content to different channels over the web just with a simple click. The marketing app also offers analytics for each post.


Hootsuite is also one of the best marketing apps to download as it enables you to schedule posts and also watch over and manage your social media accounts. In addition, this marketing app merges with Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedln, as well as YouTube accounts.

The app has also got a free plan which enables users to manage about 3 social accounts, and also arrange close to 30 posts at once.

The payment plan of Hootsuite starts at $25 for a month and enable you to include team members, slate more posts, and also manage additional accounts.

Hootsuite is also available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS respectively.

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This marketing app is also among the best marking app. Pagemodo is used mainly for setting up the pages of businesses or organizations. It also assists in creating engaging visual elements as well as customized features that inspire fan interaction without the help or knowledge of a professional.

Pagemodo also enables you to schedule posts and it searches for the most important and useful content for your Twitter, Facebook, and your Linkedln In pages also.


Planoly is more for Instagram and it is a visual planner for Instagram. The Instagram marketing app enables you to see how your individual posts will display as a grid on your Instagram account before you decide to post them.

The Instagram marketing app also offers data and engagement rates for each of your posts.

In all, Planoly enables you to build a more correspondent Instagram feed, and a solid visual style for your brand.

Planoly has got a free plan also and the fee plan of the marketing app enables you to link one Instagram account and post up to 30 posts monthly. But, take note that the free plan is only restricted to photos.

For more posts, additional accounts, and video posts, payment plans begin at $7 monthly.

The marketing app is also available on android and iOS devices.

Grammarly Keyboard

The Grammarly keyboard is also a great marketing app used to correct errors, typographical errors to be precise. This keyboard is more like having a professional editor close to you.

This great correction app helps you to correct those embarrassing mistakes in your social media updates and emails.

In addition, the Grammarly keyboard is totally free and it works inside any app on your smartphone and even on your PC.

In all, this app really works by helping you to correct all those mistakes in your content or writeup.


The app is also available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS respectively.