MallforAfrica App, login and Review: Mall for Africa lets you ship anything from any country to your doorstep

Mall for Africa is Africa’s global e-commerce solution company that allows Africans to purchase items directly from international online retailers. All you need to do is select whatever items you want and buy it instantly online through their payment system. The items are then shipped directly to the buyer’s location. These items can be delivered to a specific address or picked up from various pickup locations.

MallforAfrica App, login & Review: how to use Mall for Africa

However, buying items from Mall for Africa app isn’t really difficult. You will need to download the app first, maybe on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. Then you can shop from any of the Mall for Africa partner stores. Also, payments are made online, and then your order will be processed and delivered accordingly.

How MallforAfrica App Works

Like earlier said, buying items from Mall for Africa app is not difficult. Below is a quick overview of how it works.

Select A Site: By now you must already have the app installed on the device you would want to use to shop on MFA. Open the Mall for Africa app and click on the sites logo you would like to shop on. There are over 80+ sites that you can choose from.

Add Items: Now you can go ahead to add items to the shopping cart just like you would if you were shopping on the site. You will simply just have to find the items you want to buy and click on Add to Bag or Add to Cart.

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Checkout & Buy: When you are done selecting the items you would want to purchase on the site. Then you would have to click on the Orange Checkout & Buy Items button on the top right of the MallforAfrica App.

Login To MFA & Pay: Now you will be prompted to log in to your MallforAfrica account. Once you are logged in, you can proceed to select your shipping and payment methods. However, if you are done with the payments processes, then you would be expecting your items within 10 – 15 business days depending on the site you ordered your items from.

Mall for Africa: Methods of Payment

Though shopping on MFA, no credit card necessary. You can use your WebCard account and fund it via various means such as PayPal or your local issued Debit Card to make purchases. But we will be looking at using the Mall for Africa WebCard. The WebCard is a pre-paid card to make purchases or Mallforafrica Skye Bank Visa. Below are few steps on how you can get and use the MFA WebCard.

Step I: You will have to purchase Mall for Africa Webcard from any of their authorized dealers. The cards are N2,500 each. But you can also visit any Skye Bank branch and get a MallforAfrica Skye Bank Visa.

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Step II: Next is for you to activate your card. Click on the Activate Card link at the top right-hand corner of the MFA screen to activate your card by adding the account number to your Member Registration in the field, “Membership Card Number”.

Step III: Now you can add funds to your card. Load your card with whatever funds you want to spend on the website by going to any Skye Bank or First branch.  There you can deposit into the Mall for Africa account with a note providing your account number so that funds will be appropriately credited to your MFA account.

Step IV: Now you are ready to use your MFA WebCard. Once you have loaded your Shopping Cart with the items you wish to purchase and proceed to Checkout, choose the MallForAfrica WebCard option under the method of payment and add your WebCard number. Or you can also use your Nigerian Skye Bank Visa – Choose the Visa. That should do the trick for you.

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