MacOS 11.3 updates include a massive security patch and new emoji

MacOS 11.3 updates include a massive security patch and new emoji. Apple has released its macOS 11.3 together with iOS 14.5. And this is probably worth upgrading your Mac to it as soon as possible.

Not just because it comes together with some latest features. Not excluding the upgrades for running iPad and iPhone apps on M1 Macs. As well as updates to Apple Music and Podcasts. However, it fixes a major security flaw as well.

MacOS 11.3

The macOS 11.3 update is said to fix a vulnerability that enabled malware to bypass most of the built-in protections of macOS. Just like GateKeeper’s opening dialog box and File Quarantine.

While the built-in anti-malware system of Apple could still prevent spiteful programs if only Apple knew about them.

Jamf, the enterprise software company found evidence that the security flaw was taken advantage of by attackers.

Also, Apple explained a slew of the rest security fixes that were added with the newest update on its security update page.

Both Mojave and Catalina have gotten security patches too, for those who are yet to update to Big Sur.

The MacOS 11.3 Can Resize iPhone and iPad app windows

Apart from security updates in macOS 11.3, one of the greatest and latest improvements in macOS 11.3 at least for M1 Macs owners is the power to alter the size of the iPhone and iPad app windows.

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Also, Apple’s included mouse, keyboard, and trackpad support for games that work well with rollers.

Apart from releasing macOS 11.3, Apple has also included autoplay to the Music app. And this feature is either cool or frustrating depending on your mood.

Once you get to the end of a song or playlist, Apple Music will keep playing music that it thinks is related.

Luckily, you can turn off the feature if you just want to listen to a particular song.

Also, the News and Podcast apps have redefined packages to make them very easy to use.

In all, the macOS 11.3 updates include most of the features that are available in iOS 14.5. Which is the ability to trace AirTags making use of the “Find My app” features.

Siri voices, new emoji as well as support for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers and the Xbox Series X / S.