Liquid Web Full Review | One of the most reliable web-hosting | Dedicated Servers

Liquid Web: You think your business has grown to the point that you need dedicated web hosting to handle the traffic demands on your website. Liquid Web will be the best for dedicated web hosting.


Liquid Web’s dedicated server offerings come in a variety of configurations, ranging from a server with a single processor and 16GB of RAM (starting at $199 per month) to a server with a high-end, dual-core processor and 32GB of RAM (starting at $599 per month). Obviously, Liquid Web’s dedicated servers are aimed at businesses with high website performance and have fund to spend on it.

However, when compared to budget providers, prices may seem high initially. But that’s because the company doesn’t offer underpowered products to try and hit a headline price. The most basic Personal Managed WordPress plan costs $69 (£49.29) a month, for instance,  gets 30GB SSD storage, 5TB bandwidth, and support for a single site. It doesn’t force you to pay with hidden costs and charges. Besides, it gives you powerful features and quality support as standard.

Managed And cPanel Web Hosting

Like many other web hosts, Liquid Web offers a hosting plan that comes with cPanel. Well, cPanel is a control panel that lets you auto-install software and configure it in a lot of different ways. That’s if you were wondering what cPanel is. The cPanel solution has been optimized for WordPress.  It is basically an approach which leaves you more in charge of your solution. In the old days, this was the only way you had access to the server or database.

Today, we think there’s a better approach. The Managed WordPress solution. This gives you SSH access and the ability to connect to phpMyAdmin if you need it. The Managed WordPress solution was created so you could do the things you care about, without needing cPanel.

Furthermore, the Managed Portal goes beyond a control panel. Whether it’s checking code before changing PHP versions, or doing visual comparisons of your site before and after plugin updates, this is not something you get with cPanel. Including a feature like an image compression and optimization to help make your site load faster.

Some people like using cPanel because they can create email accounts and lists. This is true and another reason you may want to use the cPanel solution. However sending email from a web server has its own risks, from security to performance to get blacklisted.

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Managed WordPress Web Hosting

Creating a new WordPress site is as simple as entering your Liquid Web username and email address. Liquid Web also offers three tiers of managed WordPress web hosting, starting at $119 per month for 5TB of monthly data transfers, 10 domains, and a 100GB solid-state drive.

The managed hosting environment is specifically designed for installing WordPress and associated plug-ins. Just like other managed WordPress hosts, Liquid Web has one-click installs, automatic updates, and access to hundreds of apps and WordPress plug-ins. Also, installing the CMS would not be needed, as it comes preinstalled.

If you’re ready to get started, there are buttons to launch the regular WP-ADMIN console or jump directly to the Posts, Pages, Appearances, Plugins and Settings screens. You can then find templates, install plugins and build your WordPress site in the usual way.

Cloud Web Hosting

Liquid Web also offers cloud hosting. The resources your site needs to operate are shared across multiple servers with cloud hosting.

Furthermore, the cloud web hosting comes in many tiers Public Cloud, Dedicated Could, and Private Cloud and with either the Linux or Windows operating system. The prices start at $59 per month (for 2GB of RAM, 40GB of storage, and 5TB of monthly data) and scale to nearly $1000 per month depending on your configuration of choice. However, you need to expand server resources, there’s a lot of flexibility.

How to Login to Manage

The Manage interface is Liquid Web’s Account and Cloud Management Portal. To Manage, it is possible to control your cloud servers and services. Manage will help you administer your private network, VPN (Virtual Private Network), CDN (Content Delivery Network), firewalls, upgrades, and much more.

Option #1: Login to Manage via

  • When you open on your browser, you’ll be directed to its homepage.  Click on login in the upper right corner.
  • After a successful login, the dialog box will be updated with links to various product control panels. However, it is worth noting that if you only have a managed WordPress panel you will be automatically redirected to that interface.

Option #2: Login to Manage via

  • When you open the above link on your web browser, you will be presented with a login page to your manage account. Enter your Username and Password.
  • Then finish the process by clicking Log In.
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How to Login to cPanel

This few steps will help you login to the cPanel environment.

  • First, you would have to open your browser and enter your cPanel login URL.
  • Now log in to cPanel using the username and password provided to you.
  • Then click on the Log In button. Now you can begin to setup email accounts, parked domains, databases, shopping carts, and dozens of other features.

How to Login to Managed WordPress Portal

The Managed WordPress Portal has few easy ways you can access the Portal. The process are stated below:

Log in Through Your Account

  • Once logged in to your Liquid Web account, click the [+] next to your Managed WordPress server to expand the section.
  • This should open a login section for your Managed WordPress Portal website.
  • Click Login and you will be directed to your home page using the credentials sent to you via email when your Managed WordPress Portal service was purchased.

Log In through Your Browser

  • In your browser, enter This will direct you to the login page for your Managed WordPress Portal home page.
  • Enter the login credentials which were emailed to you when your Managed WordPress Portal was purchased. Then click Login.

Log In from Liquid Web Website

  • From the home page of click on Customer Login.
  • Enter your username and password on the login page.
  • Then hit Login.
  • Now a new page will open with links for you to log into your Liquid Web account, Managed WordPress Portal or to continue browsing while logged in.
  • Select WordPress and your portal home page will open.


Liquid Web hosting costs more than most, but you get more, too – powerful features, high-speed servers and excellent support available 24/7. Liquid Web may not have shared hosting packages, but the company’s excellent dedicated and VPS hosting are enough to place it among the web hosting elite.