Link Facebook to Twitter

Link Facebook to Twitter – Twitter to Facebook Connection not Working


Link Facebook to Twitter. Just the way you link your Instagram to your Facebook, you can equally link your Facebook to your Twitter account in just a few and easy steps. Why you should link your Facebook to your Twitter is because it saves you the stress of having to post here and there.

Link Facebook to Twitter

When linked, any post you wish to share will automatically be shared on both platforms.

Note that before you connect your Facebook page, you will have to first connect your Twitter to your Facebook Profile.

Linking Twitter to Facebook

Here are the steps to follow if you want to link your Twitter account to your Facebook:

  • Right from your desktop computer, log in to your Twitter account you wish to link with your Facebook profile.
  • Visit your Settings menu’s Apps tab and click on connect to Facebook.
  • If you are not logged in to Facebook already, then you will be forced to enter your Facebook login. Now input your credentials and click on Log in to sign in to Facebook.
  • You will now receive a fast text explaining that Twitter will get some information from your Facebook account.
  • To continue, you must choose to Continue as {then your Facebook name}.
  • You will now be prompted to choose the privacy settings for who will view your Tweets and Retweets posted to your Facebook wall. That is set to friends by default.
  • Now click on “OK” to finish the process.
  • Automatically, your tweets and retweets will be posted on your profile Facebook wall and your username will be displayed there also. However, replies will not be posted.
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Connecting Twitter to your Facebook Business Page

Do you know that you can actually connect your Twitter to your Facebook business page? Follow the steps below to do that:

  • Follow the steps above to link Twitter to your Facebook profile.
  • If you have not done so already, go to your Apps settings and grant Twitter ‘manage pages’ and ‘publish pages’ permissions for your Facebook profile.
  • In your Apps settings, choose the page you wish to link to.
  • Click to enable permission to post the chosen Facebook page when prompted.

Tweets not posting

If after everything, tweets do not post, ensure the box to Post your Tweets to Facebook is checked in your Twitter Apps settings. Ten try disconnecting and reconnecting again.

Connect your Facebook Profile or page to a Twitter account

To link your Facebook profile or page to a Twitter account:

  • Visit “”
  • Click on “Link My Profile to Twitter or Link a Page to Twitter”.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions.
  • To select the type of post you wish to share, all you have to do is:

-Just under “Edit Settings”, tap to check the box close to what you want to share on Twitter.
-Lastly, click on “Save Changes”.

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Take note that it is only the posts that have been shared with Publick on Facebook that will be shared on Twitter.

Twitter to Facebook Connection not Working

If after you tried to connect your Twitter to Facebook and it’s still not working. Here is what you should check:


Check your profile to ensure that you have correctly linked both accounts. If it is correctly connected, it will say: “Your account is connected to Facebook”.