Latest updates and services on Spotify

Spotify is a unique app used to listen to music, from any location or device, it also gives you access to the world of music, it allows you to listen to albums and artists, and also creates a playlist of your favorite songs.

How does Spotify work?

If you are just introduced to Spotify and its new features, you will be in a rush to use it. Here are the steps you should take as a beginner:

1. Open your browser and enter the address in the address bar of your browser.

2. On the Signup page, it is recommended to sign up with Facebook if you have a Facebook account already. This will make it easier to follow and find friends, see what musics they’re listening to and also share yours with them.

3. For the device you want to use the app on, simply download and install the application for free. Check the version before downloading, as there are Desktop, Andriod, iPhone, or iPad versions of the application.

4. Sign in to your new account on your devices, and enjoy all features and services.

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Latest updates and services on Spotify

Spotify is planning to debut its in-app podcast subscription offering sooner. The company also decided not to take a cut from podcasters who choose to sell in-app subscriptions and also will allow its users to manually set the pricing that they want.

Users on the Spotify iOS app will be routed through the subscription website to purchase and set their subscription prices, thereby allowing podcasters to skirt around Apple’s fees. The company decided to announce this news right after Apple’s podcast integrated its own in-app subscriptions with plan subscriptions of $19.99 yearly to list their subscriptions as well as a 30 percent cut for the first year of subscription, and so this drops 15% for every following year.

Spotify also made it easy for her podcasters to sell access ad-free, bonus, or early-access content at any price they want to set.

The opportunity to also manage subscriptions across different or multiple platforms’ backends was allowed. Even though Apple doesn’t allow her podcasters to use RSS to distribute their unique and exclusive contents, they have to upload them manually through Apple’s system. Spotify has never accepted RSS, and presumably, her subscribers will have to do something similar to get their subscription content on the platform’s service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many users still don’t understand the full intention’s of Spotify and so are asking different questions such as:

1. If Spotify will provide data to its podcasters, what kind of data will they provide?

2. How long will the “no revenue share” agreement will last.

3. Will all podcasters be able to participate?

4. Will the service be exclusive to only Spotify users?

These questions have been asked on the company’s platforms and podcasters are awaiting a reply and update.