Latest Free Android Games Available for Download (2018) – Must Have

Are you bored of your old Android games and you need a new one? Are you looking for the latest free Android Game that is Available for download? If so this is an opportunity for you, because in this article we will give you updates on the free Android Game you can download without paying for any charge. The Android gaming is getting better and bigger every month. Like we all know, every month there are some set of new games available on the Google playstore.

These days most Android games are not free but the Games that will be listed here are freemium games. Android has an awful lot of games, and every month new ones are always released. Follow up with us to get the download links for free Android Latest games. The Latest free Android Games Available for Download (2018) include:

Asphalt 9: Legends

This game is the most recent game in the series. The graphics are good and it has social elements as well. Asphalt 9: Legends game comes with 50 vehicles, various game modes, and a club feature for playing with friends. Most importantly, The game is a Freemium game and you can play a competitive aspect online. The game modes available for this game includes the single-player mode, Multiplayer etc. The single player mode is really fun. Click HERE to download this game on your device.

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Pokémon Quest

 It is the latest official Pokémon game and it is available on Nintendo Switch.  This game comes with some customizations, a base camp mechanic etc. This game is also one of the freemium Android game available for download. Simply click HERE to download the game on google playstore.

Alto’s Odyssey

 This game is among the best time killers games of 2018. It is a 2D runner with some neat little mechanics. In this game, the players get smooth, colorful graphics. The game follows the footsteps of its predecessor which is Alto’s Adventure. It has 180 challenges and it is a time killer game. Kindly tap HERE to download the game on your device.

Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2

 The game is similar to other mobile jRPGs. The game is fun to play and it has many interesting modes. Tap HERE to download the game from google playstore.

The Walking Dead: Our World

 This game is an AR game, it is similar to pokemon Go game. The player of this game must survive the zombie horde. Players play this game to open different characters, engage in the game weekly challenges. This game is really fun to play click HERE to download.

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Epic Skater 2

 This is one of two new skateboard games this month. The title of the other one is Nyjah Huston #SkateLife. Although the Both are pretty fun, the epic skater is better than the Nyjah Huston #SkateLife. The features of this game include the create-a-skater feature, a bunch of tricks, a career mode, and a bunch of gear. The two games are freemium, so you can select your choice. Click HERE to download Epic skater game and click HERE to download  Nyjah Huston #SkateLife game.