Klaxoon unveils Board, an interactive meeting products for video calls


Klaxoon unveils Board, which is an interactive meeting product for video calls. Some weeks after teasing its latest product, Klaxoon French startup is going to be releasing Board. Board is a visual interface that enables you to work together in a video call.

Rather than just looking at other people’s faces especially during this coronavirus pandemic. Here, you get a shared canvas of which you can use for your presentations. You can as well use it to provide ideas.


Klaxoon is so much informed that so many companies have great ideas concerning video conferencing services. Several companies are making use of Microsoft Teams for everything, while others are making use of Google Meet or Zoom already.

Considering the fact that you are in Board already when you are generating a link by Zoom, you can as well make use of the video-conferencing service of Klaxoon named “Live”.

Klaxoon co-founder and CEO, Matthieu Beucher’s Statement

Here is what Klaxoon co-founder and CEO, Matthieu Beucher said:


“Video represents less than 10% of your screen real estate. Our goal isn’t to compete with other services when it comes to pixels, high definition, or the number of thumbnails”.

Alternatively, when you make use of Live by Klaxoon, you receive different kinds of restrictions that could keep you focused while at your meeting. For example, you can have like 15 people in your online meeting. The person in charge of the meeting or planning the meeting can as well set a limit for the meeting.

This can be 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or even 30 minutes. However, you can not make use of the video-conferencing service of Klaxoon, Live for any meeting that is more than 30 minutes.

Lastly, tiny thumbnails on the right side of the screen represent other people on the calls. The majority of the screen is packed up with a variety of digital whiteboard that you can use to insert videos or images, and also write text. You can as well work on your board before proceeding with the meeting. Or you can choose to include a table from a template library.

Others joining can drop ideas via digital sticky notes

Those joining your meeting can drop ideas via digital sticky notes. You can as well go from the freeform view to a more developed column view to transmit ideas from one category to the other.


For some years now, Klaxoon has been busy with meeting tools and whiteboards. Boards integrate some of what the company is supplying to its client already, but with more attention to remote meetings. The service will be released today at €9.90 monthly.