Jobs in USA / Canada without work Permit for Foreigners – Apply Now

In this article, we will be listing jobs in USA and Canada without work permit for Foreigners. There have numerous immigrants coming into Canada in the hopes of working and living, but there are requirements and protocols that stand as restrictions to these immigrants. If you are here you probably want to know about jobs in Canada without a work permit.

These means jobs that you can do without the need for a work visa or permit. In this article, you would come to know about 20 different jobs in Canada that don’t require a job permit of any kind. More than 250,000 immigrants apply to come and work in Canada each year. And about 45% of these numbers successfully apply and are granted jobs in Canada.

Knowing the right procedures and the right jobs that do not require a work permit is important. Foreign workers may seek employment in Canada without a work permit if they work in the following jobs:

  • Military Personnel
  • Business Visitor
  • Foreign Representatives
  • Athletes
  • Campus Worker
  • Entertaining Artist
  • Foreign Government Officers
  • Clergy
  • Judges
  • Examiners
  • Health Care Students
  • Public Speakers
  • Convention Organizers
  • News Reporter
  • Investigators
  • Civil Aviation Inspectors
  • Crew
  • Emergency Service Providers
  • Agricultural Work
  • Aviation Accident Inspector

These are the above jobs in Canada that you can do without the need for a work visa. In the section below, we would be going into little detail about some of these job role and everything you need to know about them.

Military Personnel

Military Personnel is Government officials of a particular country who have taken an official role to serve their country. All Military personnel who have been given certain orders to come to Canada by their host country do not need a work permit as long as they are serving their country.

This privilege is designated under the Visiting Forces Act. This work exemption protocol applies to military personnel and not “military attaches” who are employed by diplomatic missions.

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Professional Athletes whether international or home-based can participate as a team or individually in a Canadian sporting contest without the need for a work permit. This includes coaches, trainers, and other important team members.

Family relatives or spouses of these athletes must have a work visa in order to work in Canada as these privileges don’t apply to them.

Convention Organizers

Convention Organizers are individuals who organize events in certain locations for different purposes. These individuals or staff organizing a convention in Canada do not require a work permit. But these events are restricted to the ones below:

  • Corporate meetings
  • Association meetings
  • Trade shows or exhibitions
  • Consumers exhibitions

These exemptions do not apply to other workers or hands-on organizers like those handling lights, visuals, installation, etc. They have to have a work visa to work in Canada. Most of the time, the organizers handle such protocols.


Judges in charge of events or contests may work in Canada without a work permit only if they are involved in the following:

  • International cultural contest
  • Agricultural contest
  • International amateur sports contest

Public Speakers

Public speakers can either be classified as speakers for specific events, commercial speakers, or seminar speakers. This category of people can host these talks in Canada without the need for a work visa.

The downside with this is that they are only allowed to work in Canada for not more than 5 days.


Clergies are exempted from the work permit requirement if their work consists of just preaching the Word of God, presiding at religious events, or providing spiritual guidance.

If you are thinking of coming to Canada under this category, you must be able to provide evidence concerning the following:

  • Proof of religious employment
  • Existence of the body offering the job to you
  • Evidence of the capability of the clergy to perform their duties


Prestigious and well-known Examiners are given the privilege of entering Canada without the need for a work visa. These people also include professors, and researchers who are entering Canada for official academic duty.

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They may be tasked with evaluating students’ work/papers or some research proposals written by students.


If you are planning on coming to Canada as an investigator, you don’t need a Canadian work visa if you are going to be performing the following duty:

  • Conducting surveys and analysis
  • Searching as an expert witness before a court of some kind in Canada

Emergency Service Providers

There are personnel that come into Canada for the sole purpose of rendering certain services. Examples of these persons are:

  • Doctors
  • Appraisers
  • License insurance adjusters
  • Medical staffs

These are the four people that don’t need a Canadian work visa since their work most times requires an emergency.

Agricultural Work

An individual may work on a farm without the need of a work permit as long as the farm work is not a paid venture but a voluntary service. The main purpose of you coming to Canada is something else and not just farming.

Generally, the agricultural farm work should be something that is non-commercial. Non-commercial farms are generally defined as farms whereby the owner provides the most capital and hands-on work on the farm and the produce is used to provide for the basic needs of the owner’s family.

Implied Status

This happens whereby workers are given the liberty to continue working in Canada in the event of an expired work permit, pending the time they get a new one. If the application for the new work permit is rejected, the worker would have to leave Canada.