iPhone x waterproof case

iPhone X Waterproof Case for Underwater Diving – This Case will Save you alot Hassle

Why do I need an iPhone x waterproof case?. The iPhone x is a certified water phone but what most users don’t know is that IP67 rating restricts it to just 3 feet (0.9144 meters) of water for 30 minutes max. Asking more underwater photography from your iPhone is basically the fastest way to get it ruined.

iPhone x waterproof case

What you ought to do first is get a waterproof Case before going on underwater. The iPhone x Waterproof Case further gives the iPhone x extra protection from water. However, iPhone x waterproof cases come with no water depth limit and then the fixing issues. So there is no guarantee of what depth it should be used at.

LifeProof FRE

The lifeproof casing is renown for producing high level, waterproof casing. The iPhone x waterproof case is available in six different colors with features such as inbuilt screen protector, dust-proof, snow- and water-. the pricing starts at $44 for the black color.

It is worth noting that although the case is tagged “waterproof,” it is only good for  6.56168feet (2 meters), and an hour underwater.

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Catalyst Waterproof Case

The Catalyst’s waterproof casing is capable of giving up to 32.8084 feet (10 meters) and starts at $90. The iPhone x waterproof case exceeds the military underwater test of 2 meters.

The casing also protects the phone from dirt, snow, and sands. Other features include clear front and back. The case ensures no loss in the beauty of the phone as it is not bulky.

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Ounne waterproof case

Ounne’s waterproof case is notable for cool designs. It also has an inbuilt protector for the screen, an easy to fix shell and a 2 meter underwater protection.

There are basically three distinct types a black back, mirrored back or a translucent back for $20.

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Spidercase Waterproof Case

Spidercase’s $20 iPhone x waterproof casing comes in black or white color. The case offers protection in up to 33 feet (10.0584 meters) underwater.

Furthermore, you get to keep your phone’s ports and buttons even when the case is fixed.

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Snowfox Waterproof Case

The snowfox starts at a pricing of $18. It comes in black with multilayer protection for iPhone X.

This iPhone x waterproof case is rated to withstand up to 33 feet of water for 30 minutes. Apart from underwater protection,  the hard polycarbonate plastic and TPU rubber made case still provides iPhone x drop protection.

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Cornmi Waterproof Case

Cornmi’s case is arguably the coolest in terms of design. It has an armband feature,  a Lightning port cover and it is the only case on this list with a lifetime warranty. The downside of this casing is that there is no provision to the mute button.

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HItcase PRO

The $100 Hitcase iPhone x waterproof case is IP68 water rated. This means it can withstand up to 33 feet of water. The iPhone x waterproof case is especially for avid iPhone photographer. Hitcase’s has an additional lens for $25 and $100 for the case.

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Joto dry bag

The Joto dry bag is specifically used for underwater photoshoot. Joto’s universal dry bag can serve as an iPhone x waterproof case and any other iPhone up to 6 inches. The Joto bag is about $6 and comes in different colors.

The dry bag can withstand up to 100 feet underwater snapping well and clear.

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