iPhone Photo Editing

iPhone Photo Editing Tips – Top Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone


iPhone Photo Editing Tips: It is no news or not surprising that iPhones are generally known for taking great and beautiful pictures. That is because of the quality and advanced features that it possesses. Well, you must have heard of the iPhone photo editing tips and I am very sure you would like to edit your photos on your iPhone yourself. Follow up in this article to see how you can equally edit your photos on your iPhone.

iPhone Photo Editing

iPhone Photo Editing Tips

Below are tips to editing your photos on your iPhone:

  • Choose the photo you wish to edit from your gallery.
  • After you must have selected the photo, click on “Edit” at the top right side.
  • Next is to click on “CONTRAST” below to reduce the darkness of the picture you selected.
  • Click on “BRILLIANCE” and increase the brightness of the photo to maybe 100%.
  • Now click on “HIGHLIGHTS”. You can choose to reduce it to give an improved color to the picture.
  • For an extra colorful effect, select “VIBRANCE”. Then look below to pick a filter, any filter of your choice.

Top Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Below are the best photo editing apps you can get to enhance your photos on iPhones. They include:


This app which is being pronounced as “Visco” is an amazing app and it is one of the best photo editing apps you can ever get for iPhone. VSCO filters enable you to add that perfect vintage feel to your images.


Snapseed is another great app for editing photos on the iPhone. Its features include:


Color, exposure, and sharpening adjustments.
Wide range of editing tools, and very easy to use.
Selective adjustments, brushes, and healing tools.
Crop, straighten, rotate, and perspective correction.
Portrait enhancement, vignette, and lens blur.
Frames, text, and double exposure.
Texture filters, black & white, and vintage.
Frames, text, and double exposure.
Lastly, the app is free.


TouchRetouch is a perfect photo editor app that helps in eliminating unwanted elements from an image. It is also very easy to use. Here is what it does:

It eliminates wires, people, dust spots, and other unwanted objects.
Removes objects that are not necessary for a cleaner composition.
Duplicate objects making use of the clone tool.
Brush and lasso tool for better object selection.
It as well eliminates blemishes from the face and body and also clears out wrinkles in portrait photos for clearer skin.

Other photo editing apps include:

  • Afterlight 2
  • Adobe Lightroom CC
  • Instagram
  • Superimpose X
  • Lens Distortions
  • Mextures

Great Tips to consider before editing photos on iPhone

  • Firstly, focus mainly on taking great photos first. The truth is that no matter how you edit a bad photo, it won’t turn it into a beautiful photo.
  • Secondly, plan your edit by having an idea of what your edit will finally look like.
  • Thirdly, go for a very great and effective editing app.
  • Fourthly, you can as well choose to find an effective app that will suit your style.
  • Next, develop an arranged workflow.
  • Also, avoid making use of too much filter.
  • Edit your DSLR photos on the iPhone.


I know after you must have edited your photos, you wouldn’t want to lose them. Yes, right! So, I will advise you to backup your photos so as not to lose them.

Enable a backup and cataloging structure so that you do not lose your photos when you misplace your phone. Flickr is a very great tool to store edited photos.

Conclusion: It is true that editing photos with iPhone can greatly improve your image quality. But before you start editing any image on iPhone, always consider the light. exposure, and the composition of that image.


So, that is why I always advise people that before you shoot any picture or video, consider the light, exposure, and composition. If not, you will possibly hate your picture when you finally settle down to start editing them.