iPhone Airdrop – How to instantly share files using Airdrop on iPhone

Wi-Fi transfer is gradually seeing off the need for Bluetooth with wi-fi technologies such as Xender and share it. But non-supersedes the iPhone airdrop. Wi-Fi to transfer using iPhone AirDrop is fast, efficient, and reliable.

iPhone Airdrop - How to instantly share files

The iPhone airdrop does not experience the connection lapses that is usually experienced on android apps. It works for iPhone to iPhone for the transfer of photos,  contacts, videos, Voice Memos etc

How to turn on or off for iPhone airDrop

Unlike other android apps, AirDrop is very secured because it can be enabled for only contacts or for everyone. Everyone one will able to send to random people within your wi-fi range and may even end up pranking someone. On the other hand, “Contacts” requires more, as both parties using iPhone airdrop must be logged into iCloud and each other’s contacts stored.

  • Start by Swiping up from the bottom on your home screen on iPhone 8 and older iPhones
  • Alternatively, swipe from the top-right corner of the iPhones. (for newer iPhones)
  • Then, Tap on AirDrop.

Choose who to airdrop by touching Receiving Off, Contacts Only, or Everyone.

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How to AirDrop files from your iPhone or iPad

You can also AirDrop files an app installed on your iPhone with the following guide.

  • Open the app
  • Select the file you want to share.
  • Touch the share button.
  • Then touch the iPhone airdrop logo.
  • Next, Tap the recipient’s avatar.

Note that AirDrop reveals pictures for all contacts. Hence if you are airdropping someone with multiple devices, the contact’s picture will appear multiple times. Pick the right one by the name of the device displayed.

How to troubleshoot iPhone AirDrop.

There are some occasions where contacts don’t appear on the AirDrop interface, try these solutions.

  • Switch the iPhone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off and back on
  • Try switch on and off Airplane Mode to reset the connections.
  • Turn off mobile Hotspot.
  • You can also try switching to Everyone.

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