iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max review: A big phone with great battery energy


iPhone 12 Pro Max review: A big phone with great battery energy. Are you a fan of big phones especially phones from the Apple lineup? Then the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best phone you would ever get right now.

The phone in question follows in the line of the iPhone 7 Plus and has a camera upgrade, a great camera quality that none of the other iPhone 12 models have.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The Apple big phone with its 6.7-inch display has the largest screen amongst all the make or lineup of iPhone. The phone also has the biggest camera sensor of any Apple iPhone. Not excluding the three other lineups of iPhone 12 that was announced this year by Apple.

The phone in question also has a 5G radio and a bigger battery. There is no doubt that this iPhone is the best you can ever get! especially in the lineups of the Apple iPhone.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera

Apart from the large size of the Apple big phone, another thing that makes the phone different from the rest of the iPhone lineups is the camera system which is so different from the rest cameras of the other lineup of the iPhone 12.

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The phone in question has 3 cameras not excluding a wide, an ultrawide. As well as a tele, together with a LIDAR sensor that supports portrait photos on the wide camera during Night mode. The Night mode is also available at every three zoom levels now. And this is surely a great upgrade over the Apple iPhone 11.


Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max also makes use of sensor-shift stabilization, which takes the sensor around to minimize vibrations.

In other words, all I am trying to say in essence is that the wide camera on the phone is one of the smartphones with great cameras that you would ever come across. It takes great and quality photos.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Display

Aside from the great camera quality, the rest of the Phone is still very similar to the Apple iPhone 12. The phone in question has a very big display, no doubt. However, it is just as colorful and bright, and the pixel quality is similar.

Too bad, the big phone of Apple still got a 60Hz refresh rate display. While virtually all Android phone more than $600 is now at 120Hz.

The phone includes the same MagSafe magnetic wireless charging as that of the rest of the iPhone 12. However, the charging adapters of Apple are costlier and suffer from the normal USB-C spec confusion.

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The Phone has a 5G connectivity

When iPhone 12 Pro was tested on Verizon’s network, which provides ultrafast millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G on different street corners as well as sports stadiums surrounding the country, so for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, AT&T network was used.

Speeds where I could see AT&T’s standard 5G service were not that better than a good LTE, and AT$T’s mmWave network is importantly nowhere to be found. Also, the 5G plan of AT&T automatically allows a “feature” known as the Stream Saver which streams every video at 480p because the so-called “unlimited” plan has complicated limits.

So, if you are getting the iPhone 12 Pro Max, you will be getting a big phone with an amazing display. As well as a fast connection that shows most videos in… DVD resolution.

The Phone has a big battery energy


Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is no doubt a big phone. Not only is it a big phone, but it has also got a big battery.