iPhone 12: Apple might Release iPhone 12 without Charger and Earbuds

iPhone 12: Apple might Release iPhone 12 without Charger and Earbuds


iPhone 12: Apple might Release iPhone 12 without Charger and EarbudsAccording to rumor, it was said that the iPhone12 won’t come along with an Ear pod and a charger. What if the iPhone 12 comes only with lightning to USB-C cable but not a power brick? You might have to spend a lot to use the included cable unless you have purchased and got a laptop as of recent.

If this eventually becomes true, the iPhone 12 might just come along with only a USB-C to the Lightning cable. And also the SIM card ejector tool.

Apple might do all this in order to reduce waste because lords know that most of us have more power adapters. As well as cables than we all know what to do with. However, not including a charger inside the box of an iPhone 12 would still inconvenient a whole lot of people.


Mr. White’s Tweet Concerning the Release of the new iPhone12.

The rumor of the iPhone 12 not coming along with an earbud as well as a charger really did clash with what Twitter leaker, Mr. White said on Twitter. He said that a fast 20W charger will come along with the iPhone12 so as to give it the boost we all have ever wanted.

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He also said that the production of iPhone’s next line is about a month and a month plus behind. Where it is expected to be around this time of the year.

Although, people do not believe that Apple will delay its keynote event to announce the new products. Rather, consumers might see a rolling release schedule for each of the models. Just similar to how Apple’s iPhone X, as well as it’s iPhone XR, were being sold in the year 2018.

He said also that two of the more pricey iPhone12 models will feature a triple-lens camera system. Together with a Li DAR Scanner.

Just similar to what the iPad Pro has. We should also be expecting the release of a new iPad Pro. As well as the newest addition to the Air Pods line early next year.

iPhone 12 Price: Rumor iPhone 12 Price


Rumors also had it that the iPhone 12 will cost as low as $549 that could be the discounted 4G version. Which will also give the iPhone SE 2020 a run for its title being among the best phone values.