iPhone 12 5G Leak Review, Release Date and Specification.

iPhone 12 5G Leak Review, Release Date and Specification. One of the biggest events in the world of tech yearly is the release of an iPhone. This is a phone that many people aspire to own, one of the most popular phones in the world and a phone other make are trying to be better than.

iPhone 12

However, it’s not a new thing we get to see rumors and leaks of devices, but it’s rare for Apple devices. They do not leak details of their devices like other phones such as Google phones and Samsung. We did gather everything things we heard about the new iPhone which is slated to be out soon.

Apple iPhone 12 design

The new coming Apple iPhone 12 is reported to come with a new design, though it’s according to rumors. We are not sure of what the device will look like, though some renders show that the phone will come in squarer edges, unlike the rounded edges we have be seeing since iPhone 6.

Supply chain sources suggested that the phone will be having a larger display and there comes in a larger size, but thinner than all the 2019 models.

We hope to see the notch of the 2020 models reduced, or not to have a notch at all. We also hope the beautiful frosted matte glass real of the 11 pro returns.

There are rumors that the phone will be coming in four different models. Which will have two regular sizes and two pro size. Which also means a larger range and price range.

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Apple iPhone 12 Displays

From the information gotten, it was suggested that all 2020 phones will come with an LED display. Currently, the iPhone 11 has an LCD, while the Pro model of the iPhone 11 has the OLED display.

It was also reported that there are different refresh rate and also change in sizes, a refresh rate of 120Hz was reported.

We suggest that in place of the current 5.8 inch, 6.1 inch and 6.5-inch models of iPhone 11, there will be a 5.42-inch model, 6.06 model and also 6.67 model. In-display fingerprint sensors have been in speculation.

Apple iPhone 12 Cameras

The phone is likely to come with the Night Mode improvements. It has been predicted that the iPhone 12 Pro should come with a quad-camera, and just like the 2020 iPad Pro, it should have a ToF sensor or Lidar sensor.

However, it’s expected for there to be the normal triple camera and sure with the new sensor. The new sensor should help with the ARKit apps and sure the cameras will come with a portrait mode.

Apple iPhone 12 Hardware and Software.

Most of the information gotten was the Apple iPhone 12 should come with the 5G connectivity. It was suggested that all the modes of the iPhone 12 will come with the 5G and Cristiano Amon. The CEO of Qualcomm said its a priority for iPhone to get into 5G.

But for now, the most likely situation, we think, is iPhone Pro and Pro Max coming with the 5G connectivity. But the normal iPhone 12 having it is still a debate and maybe unknown as we get closer to September.

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Under the iPhone 12 models, we are expecting to see the A14 chip. All should have the same hardware and should run on the iOS 14, which we will hear more about that on the Apple developer event in June. All models are also expected to have the U1 chip.

Apple iPhone 12 release date

Normally Apple always holds its event in the second week of September it is usually on a Tuesday. The followed the same pattern when they announced the iPhone 11 in September 2019.

If the company does the same this year 2020 we should be expecting the release of an iPhone 12 on 8 September.

But with the current spread of the coronavirus, we might not say if that would change or not. Due to travel restriction, they may be a reduction in production. We believe the production for the new iPhone models would kick off around June so to be revealed in September.