How to Install Google Chrome Extension Manually

I am sure it will be surprised to know that google chrome extension can be installed manually. But it is true, it is possible you have just being made to believe otherwise. That Google Chrome extensions can only be installed only via the Chrome Web Store. However alternative installation path to the google chrome extension via third-party extensions on the internet.
How to Install Google Chrome Extension Manually

Google restricts installation of third-party Google Chrome extension in other to shield Chrome users from extensions with malicious code. In years past, the process of installation developer’s extensions was quite easy and stress-free. All you need do in past years is to enable Developer mode and proceed to install a CRX (Chrome extension) file.

Now, according to Google, “to protect you while you browse, Chrome only allows extensions from those published on the Chrome Web Store.” There is some risk, to side installing extensions, which aren’t listed in the Chrome Web Store. Just to support google’s warning installing unverified extensions from unknown sources might be risky because of malicious code. Proceed at your own risk.

Steps To install Google Chrome extension

  • Firstly Download the CRX file for  Chrome extension you wish to install.
  • Go to chrome://extensions/
  • Then find the box for Developer mode at the top right
  • Next, use CRX Extractor app to unpack the CRX file and transform it into a ZIP file.
  • Locate the ZIP file on your computer storage and unzip it.
  • Then, return to chrome://extensions/ page
  • Click to Load the unpacked extension button
  • Proceed to select the unzipped folder of the google chrome extension to install it.
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Google chrome extensions are like any other software piece out there. Chrome Extensions are websites (HTML, CSS and JavaScript files) uploaded to Chrome Store. In the same vein, there are millions of extension that are not yet uploaded that can accomplish similar tasks.

Google for reviews before installing google chrome extension.