Instagram's Tik Tok Clone

Instagram’s Tik Tok Clone is going Viral


Instagram’s Tik Tok Clone is going Viral. Instagram has declared to the general public that it will soon introduce its own video-sharing feature, known as “Reels”.

Instagram's Tik Tok Clone

This Instagram’s Tik Tok Clone feature will be available in 50 countries and the United States. The announcement came in a week after it started testing the platform in India. And also after India banned Tik Tok (the well known short-form video app), Trump administration also said he would do the same.

A Facebook Spokesperson’s comment to CNN

A Facebook spokesperson made a comment to CNN. He said: “We always look at what people want, and innovate every day to find new ways to improve experiences for people”.

The person further added: “Many platforms have come before us to create products that meet people where they are – Snap, Tik Tok, others. But we think we can do this in a way that’s unique to Instagram and meets the demands of our community”.

The new video-sharing feature, Reel will enable you to record and edit a video of up to 15 seconds and also set it to music and audio. When they are done with it, they will now upload or send it to their stories as well as Instagram’s Explore feature.


Date of the launch

The date hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Instagram and the popular social media app. Facebook are both known for imitating or impersonating the latest feature of several other applications of which they succeed in.

The company introduced its Stories feature in the year 2016. The feature enables users to share content like videos, pictures, memories, articles to their stories. However, the stories will disappear after 24 hours. In a nutshell, your stories will only last for a day.

After eight months, Snapchat’s competitor outshined Snapchat’s daily user count. During mid-2018, Stories were over two times as popular as Snapchat.

The Information’s Comment

Though, according to The Information, Instagram is not the only company trying to compete with Tik Tok. YouTube is also planning to launch its own short-form video by the year-end.

Also, Snapchat will soon enable its users to explore public content with perpendicular or an upright mode of swiping. Not anyone of the company responded quickly to a request for comment. However, Tik Tok still appreciates the challenge.

Tik Tok Spokesperson’s Comment

A spokesperson for Tik Tok said to CNN. “It’s great to see that tech companies appreciate the refreshing and creative experience Tik Tok brings people.


Which has been even more evident as families have been stuck at home in recent months”. The person also added: “We’ve always believed that open competition provides tremendous benefits to consumers”.