Instagram Reels – How to Create and Watch Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is an Instagram feature that allows users of Instagram to create a 15 seconds video clip set to music and then share it on their stories. Also, Explore Feed as well as the new Reels tab on the profile of a user.

Instagram Reels is kind of Similar to TikTok and it is the latest video feature trending right now on Instagram. The feature is available in the United States and some other countries. Users love this Instagram feature because of the fun that comes with it.

Instagram Reels

You can look for Reels feed on the Instagram Explore Page. Instead of having to see Reels from the Instagram accounts.

You follow only as you scroll through the platform, you can as well see Instagram Reels from trending and popular accounts on Instagram.

How to Create Instagram Reels

The Instagram Reels provides you with two options to create a reel on Instagram.

The very first one is to press and hold down the record button to capture footage. Or you post video footage from your camera rolls. You can record your Reels in a series of clips one after the other or at once.

With that being said, carefully follow the steps below to create Instagram Reels:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of your screen where you have “Reels” and click on it.
  • The next step is to use it to start your recording.
  • To begin, click on Audio to choose music from the library and then include it in your video. You can as well choose to include your favorite part only by trimming it.
  • Next is to click “Speed” so as to change the speed of your video.
  • Click on “Effects” to put some special effects, then click on “Timer” to choose how long you want your video to be.
  • Once you are set, click and hold on the record button to record a clip. If you set a timer before then, then there is a countdown before the recording begins.
  • While recording, you can click on the record button to stop the clip, and then click on it again to begin a new clip.
  • You will notice the “Align” button appear and this will enable you to line up objects from the former clips before you proceed to record your next reals
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This is very important to create a seamless transition for moments like:

  • having to change your outfits
  • adding new friends to your reel
  • adding new music.
  • Once you are through with recording, you can equally include drawing, stickers, and the rest to edit your reals.

How to watch Instagram Reels

There are different methods you can use to find an Instagram reel to watch and they include:

Finding Instagram Reels by searching for hashtags

All you need to do is to type in the hashtag into the search bar and search. From there you can see Reels to watch.

Finding Instagram Reels that use a particular hashtag or audio.

Here all you need to do is to click on the name of the audio or the hashtag below the reel you are watching. Once you do that, you will notice a page with other reels that make use of the same audio or hashtags.

If you love the audio, then you can tap “Use Audio” to record a new reel using that audio.

Using the Explore tab.

If you choose to use the explore tab to watch reels, all you need to do is to go to the Explore page, you will find a reel to watch at the top of the screen. Now click on the reel to watch. You can as well scroll down to view more reels.

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Once you see any reel having a “Featured” label on it, then that means that the reel is being selected by Instagram. And take note that once Instagram features your reel in Explore, you will get a notification from Instagram.

Using your Feed

You can browse through your feed to see reels that were created by those you follow on Instagram.

To know if it is a reel video, you will notice a small “Reels” icon appear on the left-bottom side of all the reels. This differentiates Reels from normal Instagram videos.