Instagram Plans to Launch a new tool to automatically filter out abusive DMs

Instagram Plans to Launch a new tool to automatically filter out abusive DMs. Instagram today, announced its latest tool which will enable users to filter out direct message requests that have offensive words and emojis included in it automatically.

Instagram to filter out abusive DMs

This tool is mainly targeted at celebrities and public figures. As well as those who get so many offensives, threatening, and unwanted DMs.


The update will work to combat hate speech on Instagram. In February, Instagram mentioned that it would start disabling the accounts of those who sent so many offensive messages and threatening messages.

While in 2018, Instagram extended its offensive comments filter to automatically block any comments. Comments that speak against someone’s character or appearance.

The message requests filter can also be turned on or off in a new section of the app termed “hidden words”.

Once this feature is turned on, any offensive message sent will be moved to a different folder.

All direct messages in this folder are hidden. Thereby enabling users to browse messages without having to read whatever they say. So, if a user clicks on a message, they can easily read, delete, or report the message.

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Instagram partnered with “leading anti-discrimination and anti-bullying organizations”

Instagram also says it partnered with “leading anti-discrimination and anti-bullying organizations”. Before it could come up with an arranged list of offensive phrases.

Also, users can as well choose to customize their own list based on what they actually want to see.

Instagram also made it clear that a new feature will be launched in several countries weeks from now.

However, it didn’t mention the particular countries where the feature would roll out. More so, it plans on expanding to more countries in some months’ time. So, we should just chill till then.

As part of the announcement the company made, it also mentioned that it will also be launching a tool. This tool is to enable people to defensively prevent new accounts from harassers.

Instagram to filter out abusive DMs: Users Get the Option to Block New Accounts

So now, when a user blocks someone on Instagram. They will also be given the option to block any new accounts created by the same person.

Wow! I think Instagram is doing a great job here!

However, Instagram didn’t specify how it does it. It only says it makes use of a “variety of signals” to track down new accounts of those same people.

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Furthermore, the feature will roll out worldwide in the next few weeks.