Instagram Carousel Post – How to Create an Instagram Carousel Post

Instagram Carousel Post is a post having so many photos or videos. And you can view them by clicking or swiping to the left. You can include about 10 images or videos.

And you can as well share them as a standalone post on your Instagram feed.

Instagram Carousel Post

Just like the other Instagram post, you can add an alt-image text, a caption, an account, and a product tag as well as a geotag on each of the images in your carousel.

Others can also like, comment, and share your Carousel Post, just like any other post on Instagram.

Instagram Carousel Post – How to Create One

Here is how to create a Carousel Post on IG:

  • To create Carousel Post, the very first thing to do is to open the Instagram app.
  • Right on your Instagram app, click on the “Add Post” icon.
  • Next is to click on “select multiples”.
  • Now select your photos and videos.
  • You can select about 10 photos and videos to add to your  Carousel Post on IG.
  • You can share about 10 photos, videos, or even mix-match and share multiple videos and photos in a post.
  • Now add a filter to your  Carousel Post then click “Next”.
  • Here, you can swipe to see your photos and videos for your Instagram Carousel Post.
  • Also, if you want to include a filter in all your Carousel Post, just click on the filter you want to use to apply it to all your photos and videos selected.
  • On the other hand, you can as well put a filter to one photo or video by clicking on a photo or video. Then choose an Instagram filter.
  • Now proceed to write the caption for your Instagram Carousel Post.
  • You can as well share your IG Carousel Post on various social media platforms. Just like Facebook and Twitter.
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Ways to Use Instagram Carousel Post

There are so many ways to use Instagram Carousel on Instagram which includes:

Brand Personality

Instagram is the best place to build the culture of your brand and your company. Showcase those behind the screen and also highlight those who make your business what it is today.

To Promote a New Product

Instagram Carousel enables you to share different pictures, videos as well as text graphics with your audience in a post. And this is a good way of introducing a new product to your audience.

This does not only enable their audience to get an in-depth look at the quality of their products. It also includes additional contextualization for how you can wear or style your product. And this is a really good way to boost more conversations.

Share a Before and After Photo

If you are looking at creating a before and after post, then Instagram Carousel is what you really need.

Before and After posts are great ways to show off the true impact of your products and your services, and it is an effective sales technique.

Go into the Details

Unlike the normal Instagram photo posts, the Instagram Carousel offers a really great opportunity to display beautiful details and close shots with your audience.

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Fashion influencers often make use of the IG Carousel Post to go into a particular detail. And this gives their followers a closer look at what they are putting on.

To Share Your Customers Reviews

We all know how important customer reviews are and also how they contribute to the growth of a company.

It also increases visibility and makes people show more interest in your products and services. And Instagram Carousel can help a lot. So use Instagram Carousel to share your customer reviews.

To Share Event Recaps

You can use Instagram Carousel to share your photos and videos from a just-concluded event without spamming or posting several photos and videos.

Of course, that is so disorganized and your followers might not get to see all the photos and videos from the just-concluded event unless they visit your profile. That is the more reason you should opt for Instagram Carousel Post. This will help.

It makes your Instagram Feed More Creative

Instagram Carousel is a great way to include some creativity in your Instagram account.

All thanks to the introduction of several photo editing apps, as it is a very easy way to change your Carousel Post on Instagram into attractive designs.