India bans Tik Tok

Indian Bans Tik Tok and so many other Chinese Apps


Indian bans Tik Tok: The Indian government has ban so many Chinese Mobile Apps. Including Tik Tok, the most popular and most used video sharing app. Because the apps are prejudicial to sovereignty, integrity, and also security of the country.

India bans Tik Tok

The apps include: Tik Tok, Shareit, Weibo, Baidu map, Alibaba’s UC browser, Tencent’s WeChat, Helo, Likee, UC news. Including so many others that were not mentioned here.

The India government also mentioned that the ban that was placed has been imposed on Tik Tok and several apps. Under Section 69A of the Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking of Access of Information by Public) Rules 2009. It also laid emphasis concerning data on Indian users that is transferred abroad with no authorization.

This will be the first time that India, has strictly and seriously ordered to ban a whole lot of foreign apps. India is the world’s second largest internet market. Which has closely half of its 1.3 billion population online. New Delhi also mentioned that the nation’s Computer Emergency Response Team has so far collected a lot of. “representations from citizens regarding security of data and breach of privacy impacting upon public order issues”. He further added. He said thus.  “The compilation of these data, its mining and profiling by elements hostile to national security and defence of India”.

India bans Tik Tok – Comments concerning the ban of Chinese apps

Indian bans Tik Tok:

This move could be as a result of China’s Digital Silk Route ambitions. Which is really destroying the valuation of the companies.

Sources told ET. He said that it could also result to so many countries following India’s cue as well as kicking against these apps.


A top official also mentioned in a statement that the government has already considered all aspects before deciding on taking any decision at all. He said: “These apps have been there for a long time, and there are some privacy and security issues with them including risks of data going out of the country”.

The Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) mentioned too that it had received so many complaints from different sources, not excluding the reports concerning the misuse of some mobile apps for trying to steal and transmit users’ data to other servers in India without any authorization from them.

India bans Tik Tok – Report fron NYT concerning the ban of Chinese app

Indian bans Tik Tok:

Following a report from NYT, Chinese lawmakers will come together in order to approve a national security law. Curbing political protest and dissent in Hong Kong seriously.

India also found out some Chinese activity in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Not only that, the usually friendly Nepalese government, has not been so friendly to India lately. Even with China tacitly egging the Himalayan kingdom on.

Critics mentioned that the act is a Jinping’s way to wipe away the focus on him. Having given that China brought about all the Coronavirus pandemic (a real fact that that he hid for a very long time).

This pandemic being caused by the Coronavirus outbreak has really killed over half a million people all over the world even while its spreads so wide and very fast.

Tarun Pathak’s comment concerning Indian’s ban of Chinese apps

Indian bans Tik Tok:

An analyst at research firm Counterpoint, named Tarun Pathak mentioned that the order would impact so rough one out of three smartphone users in India. Following what one of the mobile firms said.

The popular Tik Tok, UC Browser, and Club Factory. As well as other apps joined together had over 500 million monthly active users as at May.


He further added. He said that 27 apps out of the 59 apps were included in the top 1000 Android apps in India as at last month.