Huawei phones to start running on HarmonyOS in the year 2021


Huawei is making plans to release its exclusive Harmony operating system on Smartphones next year, which is the year 2021. The company made this known on Thursday at its annual developer conference in Dongguan.

The preparation of the handsets of HarmonyOS will be widely dependent on the number of apps that Huawei can get within a little window. Huawei’s counterpart to Google Play Services, HMS Core. As well as the toolkit assisting developers to create and manage apps, now has 96,000 apps, the company mentioned. That is about 81,000 in July and 60,000 in March.


When comparing, Google Play Store and Apple App Store have gathered so many apps up to millions.

To induce more apps into its ecosystem. Huawei made it clear that a beta version of its second-generation operating system. Which is the HarmonyOS 2.0 for mobile developers will be released by the end of 2020.

Huawei phones are still centered on Android

This indicates that Huawei phones are still centered on Android right now. The EMUI 11, the latest user interface of Huawei was launched today. The interface operates on Android, however, it still lives on the outdated 10th generation.

Instead of Android 11 which came in 2 days ago. And also supports the local rival of Huawei, which are Xiaomi and Oppo.


Last year, Huawei was added to the U.S. entry list and this prevented it from having access to key American suppliers. Not excluding Google which made the company build a substitute to the Android app ecosystem.

Well, starting this week, HarmonyOS’ beta version will be publicly available for smartwatches, tablets, as well as in-car systems. The operating system of Huawei has a recent reach of 490 million users. Via the family of hardware devices of the company. And it is planning on increasing its base via the Internet of Things market.

For one, its deal to mold HarmonyOS into a well-known home appliance names, just like Joyoung and Midea. The HiCar interface, Huawei’s equal to Android Auto and Apple’s Carplay and it has collaborated with more than 20 automakers. With its aim to attain 5 million pre-installs in automobiles in 2021.

The report from research firm Counterpoint

Following a report from research firm Counterpoint:

The smartwatches of Huawei are a far second to the Apple Watch. With a share of 8.3% global shipment during H1, close to 2.8% yearly.

About 105 million handsets were transported by the telecoms giant in the first half of this year. Down from 118 million during the same interval of 2019. As clients reply to the loss of key Android features of the company, as well as a worldwide economic deterioration.


The consumer business of Huawei, which comprises of mostly smartphone sales, put in 255.8 yuan (which is roughly $37.4 billion) in H1. Up from 220.8 billion yuan the former year.