Huawei Emui Operating System | Android Alternative check out it’s features

Huawei operating system is an upcoming alternative to Google’s Android OS. It is planned for installation on Huawei recent mobile phone. A clue was given in 2018 when Huawei Business Group Chairman Richard Yu referred to as a project as the plan B. It only till this announce that most are getting whats under the curtains.

The iOS and Android have for long dominated the mobile phone scenery as the top OS in the business. It would be nice to have a third contender in the business so as to increase users preference and experience.
The operating system is already on the testing stage much has been said. Here is everything you should know.

How It Will Work

The Huawei operating system has paraded internally with the code name “Hongmeng”. Although a name has not been confirmed, Ark OS has been one of the names they are looking at.

Operational details on Chinese magazine stated that the app will be capable of installing android apps. The name of the app store was also disclosed as AppGallery.

Hauwei’s Operating System Launch Date

The operating system will be ready in late 2019 and early 2020 at most in China and internationally respectively.

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Why Huawei Operating System

Personally, I want to see another OS in the market for just an extra option. Apart from that, it has been gathered that there are some reasons behind the curtain.

The start of this is the accusation of government involvement in Huawei that led to the restriction of suppliers. US government, as a result, scrutinized suppliers of parts to Chinese companies in the US.

The Whole fracas consequently results at the end of Google and Huawei relationship. There is news that Qualcomm, Intel, and more companies might follow.

The second reason for the Huawei operating system development is to reduce dependency on other companies.