HP Envy x360 2020

HP Envy X360 2020 Review: AMD Wins Again


HP Envy X360 2020 Review: AMD Wins Again. History has it that the Envy line is the best option for the Hp’s midrange. The model is rung above the budget Pavilion but rung under the flagship Spectre.

HP Envy x360 2020

The price of the model starts at $699 and with no doubt, it blurs the latter line. It is the best laptop that you can get below $1,000. The HP Envy x360 does not only look great and function well like the Spectre x360 of last year which price starts at $1,099.

It also feels likely the same as when using HP’s $1,500 Elite Dragonfly. Which is one of the best business notebook that you can get on the market.

The processor is also a big and great part of the laptop. The 2020 HP Envy comes with different varieties of the AMD Ryzen 4000 chips.


The six-core 4500U is expected to be in competition with Intel’s U-series Core i5. However, its performance can be compared to the performance of Intel’s U-series Core i7. The model does not lack when it comes to performance. Be its web search, downloads, photo edits, streaming, file copy, and even zoom calls.

The 13.3-inch 1080 display has not the contrast you will find on other laptops like Spectre. However, it is somewhat better than what an $800 device will give you.

HP’s 300, 400, and 100-nit all have 1080p resolution. Though you might have an interest in a very bright configuration if you want to work outdoors. however, the 400-nit option is just fine for indoor work. It has a very nice color and the glare doesn’t generate problems even with the glossy texture of the panel.


The System

Sadly the system has not improved at all. I tried using it to video several times. I used hardware acceleration but the Adobe Premiere Pro really gave me issues during the time of export. So, I had to disable the hardware acceleration in Premiere before it could work well.

I spent about 1 hour and 15 minutes trying to fix it. So, I will advise you not to get it if you will be making use of Premiere Pro for your video. Till Adobe fixes it.

The Screen

The screen of this model allows you to make use of HP’s MPP2.0 pen. But there’s nowhere you can store it on the laptop.

However, note that the screen of the laptop is 16:9. Unfortunately, it won’t allow for more vertical space for your browsing and your document work also compared to a 16:10 machine. Just like a 3:2 laptop or a Dell XPS 13.

The ports include a MicroSD slot, two USB-A, as well as a USB-C. Unfortunately, there is no Thunderbolt.

The Speaker

A Bang & Olufsen audio control center and stereo speakers are not excluded in the new Envy. You can as well choose to swap between presets for either Movie, Voice, or Music and also equalizer settings for different types of tunes. The speaker sounds very good. Also. the voice profile assisted in reducing unwanted background noise while I was on Zoom calls.

Pros and Cons of HP Envy x360 13 (2020)


  • The keyboard is good.
  • It has all-day battery life.
  • Has a compact and sturdy build.
  • Gaming performance is strong for integrated graphics.


  • 16:9 screen.
  • It has no HDMI and no Thunderbolt 3.
  • Bloatware included.

Where to buy


You can buy your HP Envy X360 2020 on Amazon