How to Use the Samsung Health Mobile App

It is fascinating and unbelievable but the mobile app now places roles in most aspect of our socio-economic life. The Samsung health app is one of those apps with a great impact on keeping us healthy. The app is a perfect guide in the quest to make real lifestyle changes, and build better habits.

How to Use the Samsung Health Mobile App

It affects a wide variety of our lifestyle stretching from sugar management to sleep time management or cutting down on your daily caffeine intake, Health aid you in achieving your health goals.


Use The Samsung Health Tracker

The first feature of the  Samsung Health you should know about is the Tracker. The tracker is customizable to fit your health goals. There are several options on the tracker including daily step counter, and daily Blood Pressure.

How to add a Samsung Health Tracker

  • Launch the Samsung Health app.
  • Tap on Manage Items.
  • Switch on the toggle the habit you wish to build.

How to manually a Samsung Health Tracker

  • Launch the  Health app.
  • Tap on Tracked activity input information.
  • Then proceed to add info by tapping the plus sign.

How to input measure information into a Tracker

  • Launch the Health app.
  • Tap Measure from the Tracked that you wish to measure.
  • Next Place your finger on the fingerprint sensor.
  • Wait for the sensor measures activities.
  • Set a status for more information collected by the sensor.
  • Finally Tap Save.
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See your progress on the Samsung Health app

After spending some time tracking a particular habit, you’ve been tracking, you can view your progress.

View your overall Insights

  • Launch the Samsung Health app.
  • Tap the lightbulb icon.
  • Tap to proceed to Set Up Insights.
  • Type in a nickname.
  • Double check your information.
  • Tap Next.
  • Then Set the goals.
  • Tap Next.

View Trends on a Tracked Activity

  • Launch the Health app.
  • Tap on the  Activity on which you want to view the trend.
  • Tap on Trends to view the activity graph.

Have you tried Samsung Health?


The app can surely enable and guide you on building a new habit. It is advisable you monitor trend and track activities daily. Just trust the app and apply it properly. Check out the yoga mobile app for android users.