How to Unsubscribe Emails and Block Emails on Gmail

There are sometimes where you get tired of emails and newsletters from a website. Unsubscribe email or block are the immediate solutions to stop receiving emails from the website.

Unsubscribe Emails

It can be really harassing when you feel overly bombarded with email from a particular website or person several times a week and sometimes a day.

Block emails address

Blocking the email address is the first approach in instances like this. Unlike unsubscribe emails, this approach will ensure all emails are sent to the spam section.

  • Go to your browser
  • Then, go to Gmail.
  • Open one of the emails from the email address.
  • Click the more menu (three vertical dot icon) at the top right.
  • Finally Click Block [sender].

Note: You can also use this step to unblock a previously blocked email address.

Unsubscribe Emails Using The Unsubscribe Link

Email subscription is of great importance to web owners as such they crave it and sometimes unintentional or intentionally subscribe. However, in some case, it comes with an unprecedented influx of newsletter, post notifications, sales and promotion that might require you to subscribe email.

  • Launch your favored web browser.
  • Go to Gmail.
  • Again open an email from the sender that you want to unsubscribe.
  • Next, to the sender’s name, find and click Unsubscribe or Change preferences.
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What Does It Mean to Unsubscribe Emails

When an email owner unsubscribes emails, the email address is automatically deleted or removed from the mailing list of the company. Hence every mail coming from the sources stops. However, if there is need to resubscribe, email owner can revisit and filling email again to start receiving emails once again.

In email marketing, to unsubscribe emails means to remove an email from the mailing list of a website or a company. Email subscription is a vital aspect of online marketing.  It is necessary to have an unsubscribe email rate of less than 1%. The unsubscribe emails rate is a measure of the rate at which people opt out of a company’s email list.

The unsubscribe rate percentage is calculated as stated below

Unsubscribed number/Emails delivered x 100 = Unsubscribed rate %