How to translate English To French or French or English


I have always been fascinated with french about how french elegant it sounds. Like me, you can use google translate English to french to begin your learning process. I speak English fluently but with google translate, now I can speak basics in french.

How to translate English To French or French or English

My french speaking friends are very amazed at how I am able to achieve this. Well using the google translate, I have been able to translate a lot of sentences I want to say into french. With the google translate, you can listen and learn to how to say the words as well. There are convenient ways to use google translate when you are learning alone or in a meeting or conferences.

Methods of Translation Methods

  • Type – This allows users to type in the word or block of words that you need to translate. It is useful if there is a text or web you want to translate you need to translate from French to English or vice versa.
  • Camera – On this method, it will require the use of your mobile phone Camera area and it will automatically translate English to french Locate and press the camera icon on the translate button and hold it steady pointing to the text.
  • Speech – It is is the most convenient to use just hold the microphone and speak to the phone just like Siri and wait for the for google to translation. It can be used in a french meeting to translate deliberations from one language to another.
  • Handwriting – Most complex to use. it works when users can write in a language. Just tap on the Squiggle button. Then draw characters with a touch pen or finger to translate. It is ok to translate Latin and even more useful for non-latin characters.
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Translate English To French Using the Mobile App

First of all, you need to have the app installed on your phone (Available on the google app store).
To Translate English to French or vice versa

  • Launch the mobile app
  • Tap on the First drop drown arrow above the first field provided for typing
  • From the drop-down list of languages, locate and select  (English or French)
  • Do the same on the drop-down arrow above the second field.

Note To translate English to french choose English for the first field. 

  • Input the use of your preferred method to enter the English.
  • After inputting the entry, the outcome will automatically appear in the second field.

Note You do not need to type in the second field. To Translate French to English reverse the Languages on the dropdowns.

Using Translate Using The Google Translate Website

Depending on your location it might be inconvenient to use a laptop but you can also use your phone browser. However, it is easier to use.

  • Launch your web browser on your phone/laptop
  • Proceed to
  • On default, Google is set to translate English. However, if that s not the case on your browser, click the drop-down and select English/French (The language you want to translate from and do the same for the second field only choose the other language instead.
  • Now, input the sentence or word you want to translate.
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Is it not useful, you can actually live in France comfortably. Learn more on Google Translate: How to Use Google Translate on Android.


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