How to Translate English to Spanish or Spanish to English Easily

Google translate has really closened the gap in highly diverse world languages. With google translate you are empowered to translate English to Spanish and vice versa easily. You can also do the same for a whole bunch of Language.


Spanish is the official language in the highly attractive country of Spain. It attracts tourist, businessmen, religious person and most of all lovers of the beautiful game. Spain is home to arguably the biggest clubs in the world (Real Madrid and FC Barcelona). More than that the el Classico attracts millions of fans twice or more yearly. As such one of the best pack of taking the trip to Spain is the all in one google translate that is capable to translate English to Spanish in an instance. Meaning you can communicate easily with no hassle.

How To Translate English to Spanish Using Google Translate

Interesting I guess, wait a minute. Firstly you must install the google translate app on your phone or access it on the google website. Read to know how to install google translate.

Translate Using the Mobile App

  • After downloading and installing the Google Translate app. (Available on the google app store).
  • To Translate English to Spanish or vice versa (tap on the First drop drown arrow and choose your fluent language (English or Spanish) the on the Second enter (English or Spanish)
  • There are several ways to make use of the google translate app.
    • Type – Touch and enter the field to type in the text to be translated. The translation appears as you type.
    • Camera – Tap the Camera button to take a picture of the text to be translated. The app will prompt Google Translate to scan the text and then translate it. So make sure you hold your camera steady.
    • Speech – Tap the Microphone button to speak a phrase that you want to be translated.
    • Handwriting –  All you have to do is tap the Squiggle button. Then draw characters using your finger. It is ok to translate English to Spanish but more effective for non-Latin characters.
  • After any of the option, the outcome of the translation will appear.
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Using Translate Using The Google Translate Website

Using the google website does not require a mobile app. To translate English to Spanish

  • Launch your web browser on your phone/laptop
  • Go to
  • On default, the website is set to translate English. However, it is not, select English/Spanish (whichever you want to translate from) on top of the first field and do the same for the second field.
  • Now enter the block of text you want to translate.

Seconds after you copy or type in the text, it automatically translate English to Spanish. There is also an option to listen to the translated block of text in Spanish. Just click on the speaker icon on the lower corner of the Spanish field.