How to stop Facebook Auto Video Play


Facebook is a social media platform, where most people find joy in viewing photos, videos and other Facebook users timeline. Viewing a friends time line Sometimes you may find it disturbing when Facebook video plays automatically even when you don’t click on the video. Most users have been finding it difficult to turn off the feature of auto video play. Well the solution to this is very easy, just follow the steps below to stop auto video play:

Steps on How to Stop Facebook auto Video play

  1. simply login to account, click on setting, you can find this in the drop down tab close to the Notifications and Privacy Settings above.
  2. Click on video tab, located at the last link at the left side of the page under general settings to see the settings for videos.
  3. under the video settings Go to Auto Play Videos, click on the drop down tab by the right and select off.

now that you have turn off auto video play, when ever you login to your Facebook account, any video on that page will show a play icon. turn off the feature is a way of saving internet data, By default videos on a friends time line plays automatically but now you have to click on the play icon yourself you can choice not to play them all this way your internet data usage is been determine by your actions, streaming video on the internet tends to consume much internet data than when you download low size or when you just scroll through a friends time line.

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