How to set up Android Pay for Mobile Payments

Android Pay is accepted in stores that accept contactless payment with NFC reader. Start shopping at your favorite stores and apps today.

Android pay

It is gradually becoming a world of everything mobile instead of swiping, you can now make payment with mobile phones. This payment system follows a list of other mobile payment such as Google pay, Apple pay and Samsung pay. It is now becoming clear the era swiping and dipping of cards is old fashioned and shifting to the “contactless” or NFC payment.

How To Set Up Android Pay

It is compatible with new Android OSs (Google Android 4.0 or later). To start making, a few setup steps are needed.

  • Install the app if it is not pre-installed.
  • Search for Android Pay
  • Locate and tap the entry
  • Tap Install
  • Read the permissions listing
  • If the permissions listing is acceptable, tap Accept
  • Allow the installation to complete.

Now you have the app, tap to launch the app. The android pay app immediately prompts you to add debit or credit card. Tap the plus icon to add the credit card attached in Google Wallet. Then tap the card that appears or taps on another card to add a different card.

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How Do I Use it?

To make a payment, simply open the app and hold the phone close to payments reader. The transaction only requires a few seconds.

Difference Between The NFC Payments.

Apple Pay for iPhone (iPhone 6 and later), Samsung Pay is for Samsung galaxy while Andriod pay is for Android devices (Google Android 4.0 or later).

Apple Pay, Samsung pay and Android Pay use NFC (near field communication) to transact.

To make payments,  hover or tap your phone above payments reader while placing your finger on the home button (For Apple Pay) wait a few minutes and the payment will be completed. But on Samsung pay ensure to align the camera with the NFC logo.