How to Recover Your Whatsapp and Secure/Authenticate your Whatsapp Account


Whatsapp is a platform where users get to chat with other users, send messages, voice notes, send pictures, videos, and even upload status. The social media app also enables you to do video calls, share documents, images, user location, and so many other media.

Whatsapp makes use of your phone cellular or the Wi-Fi connection of your phone to aid messaging as well as voice calling to closely anyone in the world. Be it alone or in a group, and this app is no doubt very nice for families as well as small collaborative workgroups.

The reason is that the app enables video calls. And during a video call with anyone, you can invite others to join the video call without having to see them in person or start chatting them up. Meaning, the Whatsaap is a very great tool for a small organization that wishes to hold a meeting online.

Especially now that the coronavirus pandemic is rampant and everywhere.

WhatsApp needs Full Security

Its no news to us that people Whatsapp account is being ha**ed every day. Now, you might be wondering how they gain access into your account right? It is simple! Social engineering.  And what is Social engineering?

Social engineering simply means using deception to manipulate people to believe scam that sometimes seems so real. Well, this can sometimes be called cybercrime and these people are trained experts to the extent that they can easily gain access into anyone’s account anytime.

That is the more reason you should always enable Two-Step verification so that they won’t be able to gain access to your account. Well, you might be thinking as though this is not real, not until it happens to your WhatsApp account.

This is real! And I wouldn’t want anyone to be a victim that is why I am specially writing this article. Although it hasn’t happened to me, that doesn’t mean I should just relax and feel less concerned about others.

A friend of mine is also a victim of this and I have some evidence below of people who complained that someone hac**d  into their WhatsApp account. You can check below to see a screenshot of those that have encountered such.

Secure Whatsapp

WhatsApp Hack

Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification is a feature in Whatsapp that includes more security to your WhatsApp account in order to prevent it from getting hac**ed easily.

Whenever you enable two-step verification on Whatsapp, any attempt that is made to verify your phone number on Whatsapp must be followed by the six-digit PIN that you created making use of this feature.

Secure Your WhatsApp by Enabling Two-Step Verification

Here is how to enable two-step verification:

  • Open your Whatsapp
  • Go to “Settings”, then “Account”.
  • Now click on “Two-step verification”, then “Enable”.

After you must have clicked on “Enable”, input the six-digit passcode. You will now have to enter the passcode twice. This is how it works: You will enter the passcode once to set it up and once to verify it. Once you set the passcode, Whatsapp will ask you for your email address.

The email address is connected to your phone number. And it serves as a means of getting back or resetting your passcode if you should ever forget it. However, you can choose to skip it if you want to.

How to Recover Your Whats-app

Below is a detailed list of how you can easily recover your WhatsApp:

  • The first thing to do is to delete WhatsApp and reinstall it back on your device using your mobile number.
  • Once you do that, you will get a six-digit verification code through SMS that Whatsapp reads and automatically logs you in. As soon as you are logged in, the person who has accessed your account will be logged out of your account automatically.
  • But take note, if the person who your account sets up two-step verification after he or she has gained complete access to your account, then you will have to be patient and wait for one week, which is 7 days before you can recover your account.

Secure Whatsapp

Whats app

After you recover your Whatsapp. Kindly Settings, Then Whatsapp Web/ Desktop, and Log out from all devices.

Secure/Authenticate your Whatsapp Account

Here are a few things to do to secure your Whatsapp account from being hacked:

  • Never share your activation code with anybody. Be it your friend, neighbor, nobody!.
  • If anyone calls you asking you to provide or share your personal information or install any app. Please do not answer! or else you are sure to be on a safer side.
  • Another way to prevent scammers is to deactivate your account. Follow the steps below to deactivate it:

Deactivating your account


To deactivate your account:

  • Simply direct an email to Support at [email protected] using the title “Lost/Stolen: Pls deactivate my account” in the body of your text.
  • After your account must have been deactivated, you will be given 30 days to reactivate your Whatsapp Account.
  • Another thing is to always ensure you check the Whatsapp web.
  • Do not hesitate to activate the two-step verification.
  • Lastly, alert your family and friends immediately so that they don’t fall the next victim.