How to make a Facetime Group Call on iOS Devices

 FaceTime Group is kind of facetime call that supports the inclusion of up to 32 participants at once. In addition, to the group facetime call can be started through the  FaceTime app, you can continue group conversation as a  facetime group call on your iPhone or iPad. You can also join a  facetime group that is already initiated and in progress.

How to make a Facetime Group Call on iOS Devices

Apple FaceTime is a video telephony product that is available and supported by iOS devices. The best facetime group is available on the update release of iOS 12.1.4 and the third developer and public beta versions of iOS 12.2.

Here’s how to make Facetime group calls on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Using FaceTime to see the person you’re talking to is great, and a group FaceTime should be even better. So how do you group FaceTime with three or more people?

How to make  FaceTime Group call on  in iOS 12 and up

Facetime chat is easy to use on the iOS 12.1 installed on your phone, it allows chatting with multiple people. Making a Facetime group video call from the apps on the iPhone and iPad is straight forward. Here’s what you need to do:

 Facetime Group call from the Facetime App

  • Go to Settings. (FaceTime, ensure FaceTime is on.)
  • Open the FaceTime then tap plus icon at the top-right corner.
  • Enter the contacts, phone numbers, or emails you want to engage.
  • Tap the video icon to start up the FaceTime group call.

FaceTime Group is unavailable on older Apple devices. The iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, or iPod touch,  only allows the FaceTime Group audio calls.

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Make a call from the Messages app

You can make facetime group calls from a conversation in Messages,  right from the group conversation. Follow these steps:

  • Open Messages
  • You can decide to start a new group conversation. Or use an existing group conversation.
  • Tap the contacts on the group conversation.
  • Tap the FaceTime video icon to start your call.

Join a FaceTime call

You can decide to join an ongoing FaceTime group call started by someone else.

  • Tap the notification on the Notification Center
  • Tap Join in the group conversation in Messages. on tapping Join, you’re automatically connected.
  • To join a call from the FaceTime app, just go to the active call in FaceTime, then tap video icon.

Add a person to a Group FaceTime call

  1. while on the call, tap the add icon.
  2. Then tap to add the Person.
  3. By entering the contact’s name, phone number, or email.
  4. Finally Tap Add.

Add camera effects to your calls

On the iPhone X or later, or an iPad Pro 11-inch or iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation), you can use Animoji and Memoji in your FaceTime Group calls. With iPhone 7 and later, you can apply camera effects, like filters, text, and shapes.

  • During a FaceTime call, tap the effect icon (like a flower).
  • Tap doll looking icon, pick your Animoji or Memoji.

To use other camera effects:

  • During a FaceTime call, tap the effect icon (like a flower).
  • Tap Filters the color, Select Text, or Shapes.
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Change FaceTime audio and video settings

You can change your facetime app setting at any time even during a call. From the dot icon, you can change the following settings.

Tap Flip from front to the rear camera.

Tap the stroked speaker icon to turn off and on the sound.

You can Tap the Speaker icon to switch from mute and the speaker.

Tap the Camera icon to turn off and on camera off.

Group FaceTime with iMessage Apps

iMessage allows sending of texts, documents, photos, videos, contact information, and group messages using iOS or macOS devices, thus providing an alternative to standard SMS/MMS for devices running iOS 5 or later.

iMessage is accessible via the Messages app on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.  iMessage also allows users to set up  “group chats”. one of the major features is the ability to continue a conversation as video calls.

There are a few apps that can deliver group video chat include:

  • Google Hangouts: Video chat for up to 10 people. Free
  • House party: Free
  • JusTalk Group Video:  Free.
  • Rooms Live Video chat for a limit of 5 people. Free.

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