How to Hide WhatsApp Pictures and videos from Gallery

Many whatsapp users have problem on how to hide whatsapp pictures and videos from their gallery. Some users know how to do that but some users don’t have any clue on how to resolve this issue. Like we all know some whatsapp pictures and videos can be irritating and disgusting.

Hide Whatsapp pictures

Although, some users prefer to have whatsapp pictures or videos on their device. Sometimes you might just feel like getting your privacy by hiding some pictures that you don’t want others to view. kindly stay with us to get a short guide on how to hide whatsapp pictures and videos. WhatsApp has become the basic messaging app used by many users since when the app was launched. Presently, many people are addicted to whatsapp due to the amazing and special features it has.

Whatsapp messenger is a cross-platform and freeware instant messaging application for internet-enabled devices especially smartphones, PCs. Although some other cell phones like Java and Symbian phones can be used to access the app. Whatsapp is exceedingly not that boring, as there are tons of shortcut embedded in the app. Simply tap HERE to read more about Whatsapp messenger. Follow the below guide on how to hide whatsapp pictures and videos.

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How to Hide WhatsApp Pictures and videos from Gallery

To hide whatsapp pictures and videos, you can use any of the below methods. After reading just select the method that is suitable for you. Enjoy!!

 Method 1:  Using Nomedia

  • Open the file manager on your device, you can click HERE to download it on your Android if you don’t have it on your device. Tap HERE for iPhone and iPad download.
  • In your file manager, enable the “Show hidden files” option and go to the Whatsapp folder.
  • Navigate to Media > WhatsApp Images and click on the “Sent” folder. You will see the .nomedia file there.
  • Simply copy and paste it into the WhatsApp Images folder.
  • With the above steps, you have successfully hide your whatsapp pictures and videos using the .nomedia  method.

 Method 2: Dot Method

  • This method is very simple and straight-forward, all you have to do is to simply go to WhatsApp folder > Media.
  • Choose “WhatsApp Images” folder and select the “Rename” option from the menu.
  • Simply add “.” before the folder name. To hide videos simply do the given steps.