Walmart MoneyCard

How to Get The Walmart Credit Card and Walmart Login

Getting the walmart credit card is quite easy and convenient for users, and the walmart login procedure is stress-free.

Walmart credit card

How to get the Walmart credit card

Interested users can order for their credit cards online or by going to any local walmart store. To order for a card online, you have to visit the company’s money card website. This process does not require the $3 card issuance fee. Your card will arrive between 7-10 days by mail.

If you do not want to order for a card online, you could go to any Walmart local store. During check out, you could use cash to load money onto the card. This process requires the card issuance fees.

You could reload your credit card through other means like the bank transfers and the direct deposit, on the walmart money card site.

Walmart credit card login

To login to your credit card account, you must access the login page first. Then you are to enter your user ID in the designated box. When you’ve completed this stage, another page is shown to you. Here you are to enter your password.

After you’ve logged in, you can now pay your bills online, view your electronic statements and set up your account alerts.

If you forget your password or user ID, you can get it back by clicking the “Look Up Your User ID” on the main login page. Then you are to enter the last 4 digits of your social security number and account number. When you’ve done this, you can then click the “Next Button” to commence the retrieval process.

N:B: To avoid forgetting your account details, you could click on the “Remember” box that is shown on the main login page.

Activation of the walmart credit card

A user has two options when he wants to register for an online account. He could call 1 (877) 969-9020 or use the secure registration option which is done online.

To activate your credit card online, you have to go to the secure activation page first by clicking the secure registration link that will be shown on the page. If you already operate any walmart finances online, then you should enter your user ID on the left side of the page beside the orange login button. But if you do not own any accounts, click on the “Register” and “Activate” button on the right.

On the next page, enter your account number in the designated space. Then click on the button that takes you to the next page to continue the card’s activation. Then you’re to select your security preferences, a security image and validate your status as the main card holder to complete the card activation. This procedure applies to users who do not have an online account. With this procedure, Users have finished the process for setting up an online account from which they can manage their cards totally and also activate their credit cards.

N:B: To activate the card, you must be the primary owner of the account and must also have the company’s credit card in your possession.

Walmart credit card rewards

  • Get 1% anywhere your card is accepted
  • Get 2% on Murphy USA & Walmart gas
  • Save 3% on purchases made at
  • Save 15% (up to $50) on purchases when you open your account
  • Get a $10 eGift card when you make your first Walmart Pay purchase with your card

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