How To Get Facebook Marketplace in Settings

The Facebook marketplace settings page is where you can modify your privacy, notification, and other settings. You can customize the marketplace’s privacy settings in the marketplace settings.

There are numerous altering options available under the FB settings. You can access the settings only if you have a Facebook account and the marketplace is available in your area.

facebook marketplace

What is Facebook Marketplace

It is a straightforward and convenient way to sell and purchase locally. You can get excellent prices on the marketplace to purchase the products you require. The marketplace is not an independent application on it; rather, it is integrated inside Facebook. You are not required to create a new account in order to use it.

You can find products such as televisions, clothing, automobiles, and real estate in the marketplace. The majority of users on the app sell both used and new products. It works on all devices, including iOS, Android, desktops, and laptops. The marketplace is currently only available in 50 countries.

Countries That Are Eligible To Access The Facebook Marketplace

For the time being, the Facebook marketplace is only available in 50 countries, but the network is working to expand globally.

In the following areas, you must be at least 18 years old to utilize the marketplace:

  1. Argentina.
  2. Australia.
  3. Austria.
  4. Belgium.
  5. Belize.
  6. Bulgaria.
  7. Canada.
  8. Chile.
  9. Costa Rica.
  10. Croatia.
  11. Cyprus.
  12. The Czech Republic.
  13. Denmark.
  14. Ecuador.
  15. Estonia.
  16. The Dominican Republic.
  17. Finland.
  18. France.
  19. Germany.
  20. Greece.
  21. Hungary.
  22. India.
  23. Ireland.
  24. Italy.
  25. Latvia.
  26. Lithuania.
  27. Luxembourg.
  28. Malta.
  29. Mexico.
  30. The Netherlands.
  31. New Zealand.
  32. Norway.
  33. Panama.
  34. Paraguay.
  35. Peru.
  36. The Philippines.
  37. Poland.
  38. Portugal.
  39. Puerto Rico.
  40. Romania.
  41. Singapore.
  42. Slovenia.
  43. South Africa.
  44. Spain.
  45. Sweden.
  46. Switzerland.
  47. Thailand.
  48. The United Kingdom.
  49. The United States.
  50. Uruguay.

This is the current list of countries for which the Facebook marketplace is available.

How to Create a Facebook Account

To access the Facebook marketplace settings, you must first have a Facebook account, or you can create one. You can sign up using either the Facebook mobile application or the website. To create an account, simply follow the instructions below;

  • If you have the Facebook mobile app loaded on your smartphone, launch it;
  • Open your browser and navigate to Facebook.
  • Create a username for the account by entering your first and last names.
  • Choose the date of birth for the account.
  • Complete your contact information, such as your phone number or email address.
  • Select your gender from the drop-down menu and then create an account password.
  • Complete your registration by clicking on Sign Up click Sign up.
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Facebook will create your account and give you a confirmation email or text message to verify the account’s details. It can be verified via mail or a code.

Accessing your Facebook profile

If you already have a Facebook account, you can quickly log in using the instructions below.

  • Launch the Facebook mobile app on your smartphone or visit their website
  • Complete the login information in the text box given (phone number or email address and password of the account).
  • To open the Facebook account, click Log in.

How to turn Marketplace Notifications on or off

You can quickly toggle the settings for your Facebook marketplace, such as which alerts you want to receive. To disable marketplace notifications, proceed as follows:

  • Access your Facebook homepage by logging in.
  • Navigate to the Settings page.
  • From the page, click Notifications.
  • After that, click Marketplace and then edit.
  • Click on the On or Off button next to it.

Your notification settings will be enabled or disabled as desired.

Facebook Marketplace Features

The primary feature of the Facebook marketplace for businesses is to eliminate all intermediaries and empower vendors by linking them to potential customers and enabling one-to-one interaction between buyer and seller via Facebook message. Several other characteristics include the following:

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Increases awareness

The Facebook marketplace for business is the ideal approach to raise online awareness of your items. With millions of users logging in daily, your chances of being viewed are significantly improved.

Bestseller categories

The Facebook marketplace for business has a best seller category that keeps you informed of the products and services that receive the most attention on the platform.

The Facebook marketplace for business also has a number of additional features, which you will likely discover and fall in love with after you open shop and connect your business page to the Facebook marketplace. Ths is by far the best social commerce platform available today.

How to Use Facebook Marketplace for Business

Doing business on Facebook has just become a whole lot more enjoyable and productive, thanks to the Facebook company’s October 2016 inclusion of the Facebook marketplace.

With numerous methods to use Facebook Marketplace for business, here is a list:

  • Launch the Facebook application.
  • Create a Facebook business page for your business
  • Connect your business page on FB to the FB marketplace.
  • Establish a presence in your business marketplace by creating a listing.
  • Keep an eye on what sells in the marketplace.
  • Create a fantastic category to increase your customer base
  • Utilize the advertisement to promote your products on the business page.

There are numerous additional methods to utilize the Facebook marketplace for business purposes. Determine what works best for you and implement it.


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