How to Enable Steam Family Sharing: Share games easily on steam

Steam family sharing enables family members to share games while keeping separate accounts. Here family and guests or visitors can play each other’s games while they earn their own Steam achievements. And also save their own game progress to the Steam Cloud. This works by giving family members access to games on a shared computer.

Steam Family Sharing

How do I share my Steam library with a friend?

To share your steam library with a friend, all you need to do is:

  • Enable the sharing feature. To enable the sharing feature, you need to log in first to your friend’s computer or your family member using your steam account.
  • After you must have logged in, open the settings menu then click on the Family tab.
  • Choose to permit the computer.
  • You will now have the option to permit any account that has logged into the same computer too.

How do I share games on steam?

  • To share games on Steam, log into your Steam account where you wish to share your games.
  • Now make sure that you have Steam Guard security enable via Steam>Settings>Account in the Steam Client.
  • Then select the Family tab from the Steam Settings panel. In the Big Picture mode, go to Settings>Family>Library Sharing.
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How do I stop sharing my Steam games with others?

To stop sharing your Steam games with others here is what you should do:

  • At the extreme left corner, click on Steam.
  • After you must have done that, now go to Settings.
  • Then navigate to the Family tab.
  • Scroll to eligible accounts. Under eligible account, untick the box for the permitted user then click ok.
  • Now the person will no longer be permitted to access your Steam game gallery.

How to set up steam family sharing

Enabling Steam family sharing is easy. Have at the back of your mind that before you can set up Steam sharing, you need to gain access to the computer the shared library will be accessed on. And also, the account of the user you will share with. Note, you don’t need their password, you only need them to log into the Steam service. To do this, you need to be on the secondary user’s computer, not yours.

  • Sit down at the computer you wish to permit the other user on. Then launch the Steam client. Also, allow the user you want to share your library with log onto Steam. After the user must have logged in and back out, log into the Steam client.
  • Now that you have logged in, navigate to Steam>Settings. In the settings menu, find the Family option on the left-hand side. Search for the Family library sharing section, then click on “Authorize this computer”. After you must have done that, check up to 5 user account to permit them to use your Steam library on the computer.
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To reverse the whole process, all you need to do is to log in to your Steam account using the web portal. Then go to Settings>Family Sharing. If you are using your Steam client, navigate to Steam>Settings>Family>Manage other Computers. After you must have done that, you will see a list of the computers and users you have permitted. Click on the revoke option to enable you to revoke account authorization status and computer authorization status.