How to Back up Photos and Text Messages in Windows 10 Mobile

Windows Phone is a proprietary mobile device with an operating system (OS) developed by Microsoft. Windows Phone introduced a new design language, previously called Metro UI, but later renamed to simply Modern. Microsoft licenses the software to third-party hardware manufacturers but keeps a stringent list of minimum requirements for the hardware it runs on to ensure the best user experience.

How to Back up Photos and Text Messages in Windows 10 Mobile

In the year 2011 Nokia announced it has chosen Windows Phone as the Operating System for its future smartphones providing a solid backing for the fledgling Operating System.

Benefit of Backing up Photos and Text Messages

The information below will give you insight on the benefit of backing up photos and Text messages.

1. For Protection Against Power Failures

Sometimes, your mobile phone is susceptible to damage that is beyond your control. Whether it is an extreme storm or a random blackout, power outages have the potential to demolish the hard drive of your mobile phone. Regularly backing up, or allowing an OS to back up, your data ensures that you need not worry about power issues resulting in the loss of your important information.

2. For Recovery of mobile Operating System Fails

The majority of mobile phone crashes are caused due to OS failures and there are numerous reasons that your OS may crash. Some operating systems fail due to improperly allocating memory space while others may fail as a result of applications corruption or multiple application errors that compound over time. A backup is incredibly efficient when it comes to keeping your data in the event of an OS crash.

3. Quick Access to Files

The ease at which you are able to retrieve files and information. When you back up data, you have the ability to access specific files in seconds. If using a cloud storage system, you not only have quick access to data, but you are able to access this data from any location with an Internet connection.

4. Added Anti-Virus Protection

Undoubtedly you are aware of the havoc Internet viruses can wreak on your device. The amount of and devastation caused by viruses continues to increase and if affected, all of your documents and files may be permanently destroyed. By performing routine backups on your files is an added measure of security against the threat of Internet viruses.

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5. Safeguard Against Failed Hard Drive

The number of reasons that a hard drive may fail is vast and varied. Some hard drives begin to malfunction when certain parts become worn or otherwise damaged. Additionally, not all hard drives simply crash instantaneously, some hard drives erode gradually over a longer period of time. It does not matter whether your hard drive falls victim to the popular head crash or if parts of the hard drive become defective in a gradual succession because the result is the same in both instances, data loss.

How to Backup in Windows 10 Mobile

  • In backing up settings, including Start screen layout and accounts, app data like high scores or conversation history. Simply swipe over to the All apps list from Start Link, select SettingsUpdate & SecurityBackup, and turn on both options. We’ll automatically back up this info once a day when you’re connected to Wi‑Fi and a power source.

  • Also, back up your text messages, sync them among your Windows 10 mobile devices. Go to Settings > SystemMessaging, turn on Sync messages between devices.
  • To backup, your photos and videos, simply go to OneDrive – MenuSettingsCamera Upload, then turn on auto-upload. Pictures you take or save on your phone will upload automatically to OneDrive which is a free online storage that comes automatically with your Microsoft account.

Feature of Latest Windows 10 mobile OS

Do you know that Microsoft unveiled a new makeover for smart voice assistant Cortana for the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft also changed the color of Cortana on the taskbar several software builds ago, but following the feedback of users, this will now be reverting to its original grayish hue colour.

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Wow, Microsoft has also improved its “Pick up where you left off” feature in the new update, as going forward, Windows 10 will show any websites, files or applications you’ve been using in Microsoft Edge using Cortana, rather than the Action Centre. This is incredible, I love this!

This means that my previous files are quickly accessible, and I don’t need to worry about accidentally deleting the Action Centre notification message, I have Cortana!

Synchronizing your settings for windows 10

Users that have multiple Windows 10 Mobile phone or systems, you can synchronize settings across devices so as to get the same experience on all devices. When your sync option is turned on, Windows keeps track of the settings that you care about and sets them for you on all your Windows 10 devices.

You can choose what options to sync e.g. passwords, web browser settings, and themes colors.

To enable this setting for all windows 10 device, simply open Windows 10 Settings, navigate to Accounts – Sync your settings. Then enable sync. Password sync needs the device to be a verified device. From your account settings.


Making the same Windows 10 OS you use on PC or laptop run on mobile phones is a big deal that can’t go without so many new features to draw the attention of Microsoft users. This means the same apps, notifications, experience, synchronized files and more on all devices.

Windows 10 uses the same philosophy as windows 8 but with some tweaks and improvements, some of which were much needed. Windows 10 is built to run across all manner of devices and is the same core platform for PCs, tablets, and phones. No matter what you’re using, it’s a shared codebase, one platform, one store. It is incredible!