Hootsuite mentions that it would stop its ICE contract ‘without delay’


Hootsuite said it will put an end to its contract ICE, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This decision was a result of the dispute which occurred inside the company and spilled over into public controversy.

Hootsuite told TechCrunch that it “can confirm the termination of its only pending contract with ICE”. And will ” (take) the necessary steps to ensure the action is completed swiftly and without delay”. This report was through an external spokesperson.

Tech employees have become more candid when it comes to ethical concerns over how the products and services they create are being used in past years. The trend has made some companies steer clear of possibly profitable defense and law enforcement work whilst others have doubled, seeing a chance.


Even in that region of provocative work, supplying software or services to ICE. The agency that once more created horrible headlines this month. Just as the argument went viral that it subjected imprisoned women to forced nonsurgical removal of the uterus. It is viewed as radioactive especially.

Hootsuite CEO Statement

Tom Keister, Hootsuite CEO made a longer statement saying that his company would “not proceed” with the ICE contract. Just after Hootsuite tweeted a brief statement that some critics considered insufficient earlier Thursday.

Here is what Tom Keiser said:


“Over the last 24 hours there has been a broad emotional and passionate reaction from our people and this has spurred additional dialog. We have heard the lived experiences from our people and the hurt they are feeling”.

He further mentioned:

” The decision has created a divided company, and this is not the kind of company I came to lead. I and the rest of the management team – share the concerns our people have expressed. As a result, we have decided to not proceed with the deal with ICE”.

Hootsuite, which makes marketing software, as well as social media management has its headquarters in Canada. And seems to sporadically supply software to the US federal agencies.

The company didn’t just go into contract with ICE

The company didn’t just go into a relationship with ICE directly, a popular master plan for gaining and sometimes concealing federal contract work. A third-party company named “FCN” was granted a one-year base contract that is worth $508,832 to supply ICE with licenses to the software of Hootsuite.


Because the contract is via an intercessor and went into operation on the 18th of September. It’s so unclear how Hootsuite will pull out of the work. TechCrunch has contacted ICE and FCN for more pieces of information concerning the contract. As well as its termination and will update this article if we get new information.