Guru Freelancers – Find and Hire Pro. Freelancers online is a platform that allows different company to find freelancers of their choice. The website is also like a marketplace where self-employed (freelancers) people work for companies within a period of time. The period of time might not be long term it might be within a day,  2, 3,4 days or even long-term jobs. On this platform, there are professional and trained freelancers and it’s easy and fast to get a freelancer.


This amazing website can also be said to be a platform where expert collaborates with employer all over the world. The site is a pool of freelancer with their own field of expertise. is easy to use service, Companies or individual can search for freelancers or post a job. When they post a job, freelancers sends proposal which the can only be verified by the company. Businesses can also receive proposal straight from the homepage of the site.

Benefits of

  • On this website, there is no false hiring. The hiring process on is a simple one. An employer chooses a freelancer they want to work by just signing a deal, and get the job started.Therefore it saves them time and enables them to finish their project at a faster rate.
  • There is a chance for featured project on the portal. When an employer wants to get more gurus on the platform, What they need to do is to create a featured job. And this service cost $29.95 only, It also places the job on top of search results for 30 days. This increases the job’s exposure and is likely to attract more proposals from more gurus on the portal.
  • Another benefit enjoyed by customers is the fair free structure of the site. extracts small fees for processing payments on their website. If not so, there are no payments to be made by the job poster unless the poster wants to feature a job. This is a money saver for business, as they also don’t need to pay a price for posting their jobs and for receiving proposals from gurus interested in taking parts in their project.
  • The portal also allows multiple payment option employers may have their preferred method of payment. That is why supports transactions made other than credit cards and electronic payment gateways. This website also accepts payments in the forms of e-checks, checks, wire transfers, and in-website cash funds. This makes paying the hired freelancers more convenient for employers.
  • provides companies a comprehensive dashboard which they can use to manage all parts of their projects. In this aspect, they can communicate with all their hired gurus,, view a project’s progress, share project files and track guru’s time. This is the tools they require in managing projects are within their reach.
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How to register

  • To sign in as a new member the first step is to log in to the official portal @ or Click HERE.
  • On the website click on the join now button, you will be redirected to another page.
  • Provide your full name, valid email address and password then click on the sign in button to proceed.
  • After that, you will have to verify your email before you will be able to open your account successfully.