Facebook Fan Page

Guide to Creating a Facebook Fan Page.


You might be wondering how people grow their business using Facebook fan page. Even though you don’t have free time, you can make one and grow your business using Facebook fan page.


Facebook Fan Page

Some few easy steps will be enlisted below to guide you in building a Facebook fan page, to grow your business and other things you are interested in building.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page.

To create a Facebook fan page is easy. Kindly follow the below guide to learn how

1. Visit Facebook.com/pages

When you are logged in your Facebook account in your device, you can easily go to Facebook.com/pages, and click on the green button at the upper right.

Then you select your category for your business or purpose of creating a page. Like Local business or place, Company, Organization or Institution, Brand or Product, Artist, Band or Public Figure, Entertainment, Cause or Community.

Facebook Fan Page


You will out to fill in some information, after selecting the large square base on the choice of your business type.

The information will be different base on the category you have selected. For instance, if you chose “Company, Organization, or Institution”, you will still select from a sub-category and later input your company name.

Once you are done in filling the information before clicking the “Get Starched” button, don’t forget to click on “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms”.

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2. Boost brand visibility and SEO

A profile picture is required during this step. Your fill the about section and input your Facebook Web Address.


When trying to upload a profile picture, make sure the image size is 180px by 180px in weight and height. The image will be uploaded at your fan page at a size of about 165px by 165px.

You save the photo after uploading it. You can leave it blank by skipping it for now and later go back to edit it.


Filling out basic information is the next thing to do. When doing that you have to precise and clear and also using keywords when relevant to your business.

For instance, if a social media consultant is what you do, keywords like Facebook or Twitter marketing you will consider using. it will help you get linked through Facebook searches later on.

Then you insert your website URL, clicking the yes to a question with yes and no radio button. After filling all this important section you click “Save Info”.

3. Make your page rich with content through storytelling.

Well done, you now have a basic setup for your Fan page. This step is really important because it decides how successful your page can be. and it consumes the most time.

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You need to focus and be careful about filling your pages with status post updates, milestones, images, videos and other post that is valuable to your fans in respective to what you do.


You can add a cover photo to help build your brand and page. The cover photo should have a size of about 851px by 215px in weight and height.

4. Generate traffics by building custom tabs

After posting amazing things on your Fan page, you need to apply ways of generating traffic, leads and making sales from your page.


You need to focus on collecting emails that leads from your fan page, then you focus on getting more traffic, that will enable you to sell your products or rich to a larger Facebook user. You can even get credit card payments, through your fan page.