Facebook Advert: Guidelines to Create a Successful Facebook Advert

The effectiveness of Facebook advert over most digital advert channel is a stronghold for Facebook’s dominance. In spite of insinuations of the waning down of Facebook reach and population, stats show otherwise. Stats indicate 70% of Facebook users log on daily while Instagram’s 59%, Twitter 38%, Pinterest 27%, and LinkedIn 22%. The Stat places Facebook advert above all as the users are a huge marketing potential. The Facebook advert is direct, easy, result oriented and mirrors the offline advertisements to details.

Facebook-advert -Guidelines to create a successful Facebook advert

Basic ad. components include the right targeting, a great image or video, and a compelling copy. Targeting is potential customers might sound difficult. It like picking five hundred blue balls from over a billion balls.

Facebook Advert Targeting.

The best part of the Facebook advert is the ad target methods available. Targeting allows advertisers to streamline your Facebook advert to specific users. More like separating only the blue balls and getting the best of among the blues balls. Furthermore, Facebook helps to track and report a user’s response to your Facebook advert.

Below are some ad targeting methods on Facebook:

  • Custom audiences – For follow-up ad to customers or leads
  • Location – Trim audience by geographical location (city, state, country)
  • Gender – Trim audience by gender (male or female)
  • Interests – Trim the audience by their interest and lifestyle.
  • Behaviors – Trim audience by behavior and previous response to ads.
  • Connections –Trim audience by existing connections.

The two Types of Facebook Ads

There are two types of Facebook adverts:

First, Sponsored Posts

Although more prominent than others, it appears on the Facebook Newsfeed. Users can see when they scroll through.

 The Right-Hand Column Ad

The right-hand post appears as a widget on the right side. It mostly used for re-targeting as it cant be scrolled past.

But Does Copywriting for Facebook Ads Really Matter?

Images are very important in facebook adverts. Images have to be well edited and reflect a product or service in the best possible way. If you are investing in ads, you don’t need to hurry these process to get a good result.

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Pictures or video can persuade, excite, and entertain. stats show that users respond to a lot of connections of media files. It also helps to cuts out excess information and makes the reason for the advert obvious. It’s an essential part of a successful ad.

Below is a list of guidelines for getting a good ad media.

  • Use a good camera.
  • Make a colorful and appealing picture/video.(employ a photo/video expert).
  • Make a clear voice over. (with a good voice).
  • Add animations it necessary.
  • Maximum of one minute or less.
  • File most load easily. (relatively small).

Strategies for Copy for Facebook Advert

Although, the entirety of an advert is to drive call to action (response). But an interesting copy plays the role nicely.

Target your Audience, then Write to It

Creating a copy on facebook advert certainly differs from other kinds of writings. Because you not trying to answer a question but you want to make them act. I usually tell people to write like salesmen talks, like it is a one on one conversation. The copy needs to be woo, persuaded potential customers to respond.

So you can narrow your ads to say women over 30, speak to them specifically.

Create Facebook Advert for Different People

Another idea that might get potential customers taking your turn is writing for them. The strength of facebook advert targeting ability else your ad is like a billboard.

Get Facebook Ad copy to match Your Visual

It is important to have tons of visuals for content creating. Next is the tussle for the right image to go with the ad slogan and copy. At times selection might go bad and give a poor result.

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Potential customers might wonder the reason for the ad if the copy does not tally up with the visual. As such might result in a negative response.

Use One Call-to-Action

Getting a clear goal for the advert is key. Furthermore knowing when to defined the goal is important.

The advertiser should know when to embark on increasing brand awareness, get a lead, or sell a product. Either way, an advert should have a clear goal and this goal should be reflective in the call to action. Potential customers need to know what to do when they see the advert. When they see a “Shop Now” they know they are going to an online shop to buy. “Call now” for speaking to someone and more…

Make Short copy

Avoid the temptation of crowing the advert with a copy. Sometimes the picture/video explains it all and copy is the little extra to drive it home. So make a short copy as much as you can.

Make the Copy Simple and comprehensible

Depending on the targeting facebook advert might be aimed at a range of potential customers With different educational level. As such try to be as simple as possible. No unnecessary vocabularies, simple language application and be clear.

The priority is creating a copy that is understandable for everyone. Stick to basics such as your service/product, the benefits, and the call to action.


Facebook Advert is simple and can be impactful. These guidelines are trusted and tested by experts.