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You may have never heard of or read about Goojara, but it is unquestionably one of the most trustworthy sites for seamless streaming and downloading of movies, television shows, anime, and other video content.

Goojara, a website that promises to deliver amazing entertainment directly to your fingertips, is one of these platforms that you may use in lieu of Netflix to view your favorite movies. For quite sometime now.  Unfortunately, the website has been down for some time now. has taken over as the new home of


That is correct. If you are unable to access the official website, please be aware that they have changed their domain name to

This is for unclear reasons. My suspicion is that the domain has been hijacked.

The reason for this is that when webmasters change domains, they typically perform a 301 redirect from the old to the new domain. In this manner, people will not become disoriented. That procedure was not adopted on this movie streaming website, which is why my guess is correct.

Anyway, with that out of the way, allow me to take you on a tour of the website, which serves as the new home for

A Detailed Look At Website

The website is a web gateway that provides free streaming of movies, television shows, and animes. Streaming movies on the website is simple, as it has been a long-time particular preference of mine.

Users can watch and download movies, television shows, and anime for free on the website. This means that accessing the website is entirely free. This is possibly the most enthralling aspect of

While streaming movies and television shows on sites like Netflix is convenient and enjoyable, it frequently comes with a cost. Consider it a premium service at a premium price. However, even with a premium service like Netflix, you will not have access to the latest blockbuster films and television shows.

On the other hand, as long as the film is available for download online, Goojara will add it to their collection for users to watch or download for free.

Now, you may be wondering why new blockbuster movies or premium films are available for free on the goojara website. This is because the website contains materials that are protected by copyright. They lack the necessary licenses to distribute those films and programmes, but they do it anyhow.

This is not novel in today’s world. Apart from Goojara, there are a plethora of other websites that do the same function. Of course, this is incorrect, but they continue to do so.

In general, is an excellent movie streaming and downloading service that significantly simplifies the process of obtaining the latest releases and episodes of your favorite television shows.

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Simply visit and browse the website. It is appropriate for everyone. Therefore, whether you want to watch a movie online or download one, the website comes in handy because it simplifies the process and makes it more accessible.


Pros of Using Goojara ch

  • Goojara categorizes its information for the convenience of its users. On Goojara ch, you may be certain of simply locating all of a movie’s episodes. Once you’ve finished viewing an episode of your favorite show or film, it’s as simple as clicking to begin streaming the next episode.
  • Users request that Goojara ch provide them with stuff that is not yet stored in its database. Goojara provides its users with a request feature in which they can submit requests for content that is currently unavailable. Unlike the majority of other video streaming services, Goojara ch is always eager to assist users with their video requests. Therefore, you should not become discouraged if you are unable to locate your preferred series or film on Goojara. Simply navigate to the relevant Goojara section and submit your request.
  • Users of Goojara can engage in other activities while watching movies on the platform. Anyone watching a video on the web can do other things thanks to Goojara’s PIP mode. As long as the video player for a particular movie is engaged, you may always pause, continue, or reset the movie video to its default setting while conducting other things on your phone or PC.
  • The service is completely free to use for streaming and downloading video content like anime, feature films, and television shows. As you might expect, there are various streaming services that demand a fee to access or download their content. While some of these sites offer free options for streaming their content, others limit your access to a limited number or category of items and then charge you for full access. However, Goojara is here to provide you with limitless access to interesting movies that you can view or download for free.

How To Download & Watch Movies, Series, & Animes

Downloading movies and television programs from is a simple process. It is made possible by the site’s simple navigation. Unlike some websites, which require you to navigate through a multitude of screens in order to find the download or watch option, makes it really simple. Simply click on the movie you wish to watch or download, then on the play or download option.

I understand that’s confusing, which is why I’m going to walk you through it step by step.

How To Watch Movies, Series, and Animes

  1. Launch your Google Chrome browser and navigate to the the official website. Google Chrome is recommended because it has been my experience that it works the best with this browser. Fortunately, the browser is available on both mobile and desktop platforms; therefore, ensure that you utilize Google Chrome.
  2. Locate the film, television series, or anime that you wish to view. This can be accomplished by navigating to a recently added or popular session. Additionally, you may use the search function to locate the film you like to watch.
  3. To access the movie watch page, tap on the thumbnail or title of the film.
  4. The video player will be displayed once the website has loaded. You’ll notice a blue video play symbol in the video player’s center. That can be tapped or clicked.
  5. To begin streaming the movie, tap on the blue video play symbol. This may take some time, depending on your internet speed.
  6. Once the movie begins, you can switch to full-screen mode for a more comfortable viewing experience. Additionally, you can use the PIP mode. The PIP mode enables you to view the movie while performing other tasks on your phone. This is a function that the Netflix app makes use of.
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That concludes the discussion. That is how you may view movies, animes, and television programs on Goojara. If you have any further concerns, please use the comment section to communicate them to us.

How To Use To Download Movies, Series, and Animes

  1. Go to and choose the film or television series you wish to download. The same procedure as above applies except that you are now selecting the download option.
  2. Navigate to the film or television series page. For series, you must first choose the episode you wish to download.
  3. To download movies and television shows from, you must first play the film. Again, we recommend that you use Google Chrome as your browser.
  4. Tap on the pause button when the movie begins playing. Take a look at the video player’s top and right.
  5. Click the option labeled “Download.” The download should begin in a few seconds.

This way of downloading Goojara episodes, movies, and other content is only available on Android and computer. iPhone users will have to rely on third-party applications such as Total Downloader.

When the download begins, you can continue using your phone or computer as usual until the download is complete.


The website and associated files load very quickly. The download and streaming speeds are also quite quick, however, the final judgment will depend on the speed of your internet connection.

We hope that this review has demonstrated what Goojara is and persuaded you of its trustworthiness for streaming your favorite movies. If you’ve been looking for a Netflix or Prime Video alternative, giving Goojara a shot would be a mistake.

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