Google Translate: How to Use Google Translate on Android

Google Translate is an application that is developed to translate between Languages.  It is a multilingual translation service developed by Google.

Google Translate: How to Use Google Translate on Android

How to Translate Texts While Offline on Google Translate

Google Translate is an Internet-based translation platform which uses a huge database to translate between languages. moreover, on Android devices, it is possible to get the translation without an internet connection. It would take up a little from the internal storage, and the Google Translate will be right on your system even when you go offline.

Here are the Steps you need:

  • Locate and open the Google Translate app on your Android smartphone.
  • Swipe from left to right.
  • Click the “Offline translation” option.
  • You could find the entire list of available languages with offline packages.
  • Click the download icon against each language to download them for offline translations.
  • Do not close the Google Translator app until it finishes downloading.


When you are downloading the language packs, make sure you are on a WiFi network to avoid excess mobile network usage. If you cannot find any languages in the list, it means the language is not available offline.

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How to Reduce Data Consumption for Google Translate

Google Translate is known as a web-based app, but you can do some offline actions as mentioned before. even though, it can cost you not very less from your mobile data plan. But, if you want to reduce the app’s data usage, it still has the solution. You can simply change a few settings to save some data while using Google Translate.

  • Go to Settings.
  • click the Data Usage option.
  • Choose and toggle on/off each option based on your need, as well as the data reduction you want to have.
  • Prefer network text-to-speech: as mentioned above, you can choose whether you want to use the local voice or the enhanced ones from the network.
  • Download offline translation files: make sure this is in the state “As before downloading” to avoid data loss. It will ask you every time you want to download a language pack or offline data.

Improve camera input: When this is on, Google will save your translation images for improving their system. If you don’t want them to take your data, you can turn it off and they will stop collecting (let’s hope so) data from your smartphone.

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Additional Tips for Google Translate

Apart from the above actions, you can do much more with the Translate app. Even without the Google Translate app, you can do several actions using your Android smartphone which involves translations. Also, check extra on google map ahead of your summer holiday trips. Thank me later.