Google Takeout: An Easy Way to Backup Google Account

Google takeout is a service that allows users of Google products to back up their files easily. It offers offline download options. so users can download the entire files in Gmail, YouTube. The feature uses the archive file to effectively determine and retrieve data that is stored on your Google platforms.

google takeout

So if the internet or google were to crash today you will have a way to survive the data apocalypse using the google take out.

Before proceeding to download your Google data, you have to first, select the data that you want to include.

How To Backup Using Google Takeout

  • Launch your favorite browser preferably chrome
  • Go to Google’s Takeout page.
  • Find and click on Select None
  • Google take out will attempt to clear out your entire google data. Selecting The “Select None” gives you the option of being selective of the data that you want to back up.

Let’s say this example is for downloading a photo album.

  • Toggle on the switch in front of All album. Select the arrow to reveal the configuration of the google archive.
 We’ll select a specific photo album to archive here.
  • Click on “Select photo albums
  • By default, google takeout will attempt to download the entire photo album is selected. So uncheck Toggle All box to be selective of the album you want.
  • Next Select OK to return to your data page.
  • Scroll down and select Next.
  • On the next screen, configure the google takeout archive you want. Here you can select the file type and maximum file size for your archive.
  • Next, choose how you want to receive your files. By default, Google Takeout will send you a message to your email as soon as the archive is ready for download.
  • The delivery methods include
    • Takeout will also transfer to your Box, Dropbox
    • OneDrive, or Google Drive accounts.
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  • Finally, select Create Archive.

The process takes approximately 3 minutes but depending on your file size. It is fair to say it will take a while. When the process is complete, google takeout will send you an email with a link to your archive. All you need do is select Download Archive to start downloading.

Tips For Using Google Takeouts

  • Always check for the “Available until” date. Ensure to take note and download the data before it gets deleted.
  • Check the view history to see your google takeout activities in the past 30 days.
  • However, the service does not work for downloading Google Play Music. Use Google Play Music Manager instead.

Why Use Google Takeout?

Google’s resource for storing files on the cloud heavily depends on internet service availability. All that can be made secondary using the google takeout for the following reasons.

  • Moving data offline storage for editing
  • Free up the limited free Google Drive space
  • Creating duplicates of your important internet files on secondary storage.