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Google search is receiving new AI tools to decode your horrible spelling


Google search is receiving new AI tools to decode your horrible spelling. Google has included a lot of new improvements at its “Search On” even that it will of course make to its foundational Google Search service in upcoming weeks and months.

These changes are widely centered on making use of the latest AI and machine learning techniques to give better search results for those making use of it.

The superior among them is a new spell checking tool that Google says will help in identifying the spellings that are most wrongly spelled.

Google Search

Following what Google’s head of search said, Prabhakar Raghavan. Prabhakar Raghavan said that 15 percent of Google search queries daily are those that Google has never come across before. Simply means that Google has to keep working endlessly to improve its results.

The comment of Google VP Engineer on the Google Search

Part of it is as a result of badly spelled queries. Following what a VP Engineer at Google, Cathy Edwards said, 1 out of 10 search queries in Google is not properly spelled. Google has for so long tried all it can to assist with its “did you mean” feature which suggests appropriate spellings.

Moreover, it will be releasing a great update to that feature by the end of the month, which makes use of a new spelling algorithm that is powered by a neural net with 680 million parameters. The feature operates in below milliseconds after each search made on Google.


Also, the company says it will offer better suggestions for words that are wrongly spelled.

Another latest change made is:

Google search can now index people’s passages just from webpages, rather than all the webpage. For instance, if a user searches for the phrase “how can I determine if my house windows are UV glass”. Then the new algorithm on Google Search can locate a paragraph, a single one to be precise on a DIY forum to get an answer.

Following what Edwards said, when the algorithm starts launching next month, it will sure upgrade 7 percent of misspelled queries over all languages.

Google to use AI to split wider searches on Google Search

Google is as well making use of AI to split wider searches into subtopics. So as to assist in releasing better results. (Say, assisting in searching for home exercise equipment. That is designed for apartments that are smaller vs just having to provide general workout gear information).

The company to use computer vision and speech recognition

Furthermore, the company is also beginning to make use of computer vision on Google Search. As well as speech recognition to tag and split videos into different parts automatically. An automated version of the already existing chapter tools that it provides already.

For instance, cooking videos, or sports games can be easily analyzed and split automatically into chapters. That is, something that Google offers already to creators to do manually or the hard way. And which can as well be surfaced in search.


It is also a closer attempt to the existing work of the company in surfacing particular podcast episodes in search. Rather than just having to show the general feed.