Google Playstore Download and Quick Review

The Google Play Store is an App, that is very valuable to all Android users. It contains Millions of Android Apps for all android users to download. The Google Playstore is a digital marketing platform managed by Google, and it was successfully launched March 6th 2012. Ever since Google has always been updating the Playstore on a regular bases to match the need of their customers. The Playstore is very essential to any Android enabled device such as Android tablet, Phones, Google TV, Laptops and other android enabled devices.

Google Playstore

Things That can Be done with Google Playstore

  • With Playstore you can Find Varieties of Free of charge and also Paid Apps.
  • Playstore enables you download cool/awesome applications to any android device or Google TV.
  • Games! wow this is also inevitable, you will also find popular and top graphics game for your mobile phones and tab as well.

Some Other Feature of PlayStore

MUSIC: If you’re a music Love, you weren’t left out. Google PlayStore also offers an online music store with more than 40million songs and with an appealing cloud storage of up to 55,000 songs at no cost.

MOVIES AND TV SHOWS: oooOh! Movies! this one I love so much. Playstore also offers thousands of television shows. Which some are in HD both Animation, action, Drama and documentary. You can also Rent some movies and also purchase some aswell. It also have the features of downloading Movies and TV shows for offline views.

BOOKS: If you love reading and making research, then google Playstore should be a waste on your phone/Tabs. You can Rent books, Purchase Books and also download some books for Free. It contains Millions of Top popular and non popular books aswel for you.

NEWS AND MAGAZINES: The Google Playstore also allow you subscribe to Publications and Magazines for reading on Play Newsstand which could be Free and could also be Paid.


Google Playstore2

Google Playstore 4

It also has an amazing interface that makes things easy for a novice to learn and understand how to use. Google Play enables users to know the popularity of apps (and other content) by displaying the immediate round figure less than the number of times the application has been downloaded.



NOTE: Not all device comes with Playstore. But you dont have to worry if your device does not have Playstore on it.

Click Here to download Playstore from an External sorce (14.45MB)


The Play Store application is not open source (Can not be modified by any developer). Only Android devices that comply with Google’s compatibility requirements may install and access Google’s closed-source Play Store application.

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