Google Makes Education Push Forward in India


Google revealed something to us on Monday. The company said it has partnered with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). In order to distribute a “blended learning experience” over 22,000 schools in India, which is the world’s second-largest internet market by the end of the year.

CBSE is an Indian government body that oversees education in both private and public schools in the country.


The search giant, Google is also planning on investing $10 billion in India in the coming 5 to 7 years. It mentioned that it will be training over a million educators in India later this year. Not only that, but it will also give out a range of free learning tools. Tools like Google Classroom, G Suite for Education, as well as YouTube which will aid in digitilizing the education experience in the nation.

Although, schools in other countries have been shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. This was implemented so as to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

According to what Google said, the education system in India faces three challenges. Which are: Teacher eagerness to use digital tools, access to devices, and the internet. As well as the quality of digital content in Indian languages.

Sapna Chadha’s Reply to Google’s Plans

The Senior Marketing Director at Google India and Southeast Asia, Sapna Chadha opposed Google’s plan on Monday, in an online event. Sapna said: “We must acknowledge that not everyone has access to the internet”.

Sapna Chadha said that the company is working together with partners to address the challenges that were mentioned. She also said that the company is reaching out to those students who by any means do not have access to the internet. By making use of radio, televisions, and other mediums too.


She further added. Over the past few months, Google gave out free education tools to so many schools in India. Not excluding Nehru World, Podar, GD Goenka, and Kendriya Vidyalaya. Tools like Google Classroom, as well as Google Meet.

The announcement Google made on Monday went along with a close effort from Facebook (its global rival) which made partners with the Central Board of Secondary Education earlier this month. So as to introduce a certified curriculum on online well-being and on digital safety. As well as heightening the reality for teachers and students in the nation.

The Android-maker’s Announcement

The Android-maker also mentioned a new grant of $1 million to KEF, that is, Kaivaiya Education Foundation. KEF is a foundation based in India that works together with partners so as to grant the less privileged children with education opportunities. From bodies like Google’s philanthropic arm,

The Android maker mentioned also that an education app (Bolo) which it launched last year, in India to help students improve their comprehension and reading skills. Is now multiplying to 180 countries in nine languages below the Read-Along brand. The company first made plans in May to grow Read-Along worldwide.

Google Makes Education Push Forward in India –  Chadha’s Reply

Chadha replied: “Using these funds, Kaivalya Education Foundation will work with the Central Square Foundation and TeacherApp to train 70,000 teachers to deliver virtual education for vulnerable students so that they can continue learning at home”.


Google also mentioned that it had separately partnered with Prasar Bharati. So as to launch an edutainment series to help owners of the business to overcome the challenges of COVID-19. They will do this with online tools, plan for the long-term future, and learn from other companies.