Google Home Setup Guide To Get Started

The Google Home, mini, max or hub is one of the friendliest home devices lately. So is the Google home setup with this directive guide.

Google home

The speaker can sometimes be friendlier than your nagging girlfriend. Because it only responds when spoken to (just kidding). The device can be used for a whole lot stretching from playing music to checking weather readings and it all starts with a “Hey Google” or “OK Google”.

Let’s Get Started With The Google Home Setup 

The device comes in a well-fitted carton depending on the type you are opted for. Take it out of the carton and plug it to a wall socket and let’s get started.

  • First, download and install the google home app on your mobile device.

The app is available on the iOS app store and android device playstore the respective app stores.

  • Turn on your location 

Turn on the permission to allow the google app pan in on your location. For weather and location information.

  • Connect both devices to your home network.

So that Google home can access network information.

  • Login with your Gmail Account

Log in with your Gmail account or create a new one.

  • Next, go to Google Home set up.
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Tap the set up icon on the top right corner.

  • Link your music Service.

Opt for one of the listed music services available.

  • Go through The Google home setup tutorial.

Here you can learn of fun stuff to question to ask.

  • Access More Settings

Go to more settings from the three lines on the left menu. tap on more settings to see the full list.

  • Update your News and Day Settings

One of the useful features on Google home is that it saves you the effort of buying a paper or reading on your phone. You can get the device to read it to you from a preferred source (which can be changed at any time). You can also include information you wish to know about your day.

  • Edit your Personal info

Scroll down on the more settings menu to personal info. Here you can enter how you want the Google home to address you. Enter Office and home location, home electronics.

The device supports the following devices

    • Philips Hue lightbulbs
    • Nest thermostats
    • Samsung SmartThings
    • Chromecasts.

To Add devices tap the “home control”. Note that all devices must be connected to the same wifi network to function.

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That’s it on your Google home setup. Watch out for more “how to” post about google home setup. Also, check out Google home setup for Chromecast.