Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts | How to access the Google Hangouts video call.


Here, in this article, I will be showing you how you can easily access or use the Google Hangouts video call. But before then, what is the Google Hangouts video call all about?

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts – Google Hangouts Video Call

Google Hangouts is an app designed by Google which enables users to chat and video call easily. This app can also be used to video call multiple people at a time.

How do I access Google hangouts video calls?

Searching for how you can use the Google Hangouts on your computer system?

Follow the steps below to use the Google hangouts video call:

  • Open your Google account and log into it. Then input “” into the search bar.
  • Keep clicking through the intro screen until you get to the homepage of your hangouts. The list of any ongoing chats will be on the left and there will be three options in the page center. They include: “phone call’, “video calls’, and ‘message”.
  • Proceed by clicking the option of your choice, then input the phone number you want to call or the person’s contact with whom you want to video chat or want to message into the bar. This will show up on the left-hand side of the screen {if you want to reach out to a friend or someone who is not in your contact, you can use their email address}.
  • Supposing you want to message several{many} people at once, click “New group” instead of entering the contact to text. Then you proceed by entering a series of emails, contact names, cell contacts.

How to access it on your mobile communicator (cell phone)

Firstly: You need to download the Google Hangouts and then open it on your cell phone.


Secondly: You need to allow the app (Google Hangouts) to access your google account.

Thirdly: You click/tap the “+” that you will see in the green circle at the extreme right corner{bottom} of the screen.

Fourthly: You input the number of the person on your contact that you want to reach, or you tap “New group” and enter multiple people{more than one person}.


Lastly: You can now begin a text chat, or tap the camera icon if you wish for a video call, or for a phone call you can use the phone icon that displays.

How to use the chrome extension

  • Click on “New Conversation” at the upper left side of the window.
  • Then enter the name, phone number, or email address of any current Hangout user to begin a conversation (text).
  • However, if you choose to enter the mobile number or the email address of anyone who does not use Hangout, an invitation will be sent to them.
  • If you want to message so many people at a time, you can do that by clicking on “New group” below the entry field of the contact. You can also add over 150 participants.
  • Begin a conversation first in order to video chat and click on the “video camera” icon. You will see it in the upper right corner of the conversation window.
  • Other people aside those you are chatting with can also be invited to the ongoing video chat. To do this, click on the icon of any person with a “+” sign next to it. You will find that at the top right corner of the UI.
  • Up to 9 people can be invited in a video call under a standard Google account while 24 others can be invited under a business account.
  • Other people can also join your ongoing video call. All you just need to do is to share the link with them. Once they click on the link, they can automatically join by signing in using their Gmail account.