Google Forms Survey Create and Share Options – Google Forms let’s you create all types of form

Google Forms survey is a form of google form used to create survey questions for a target audience. It is a solution to the issues of online questionnaires.  There are various ways to compose a questionnaire but luckily google covers them all.

Create a google Form Survey

The solution of stretches from creating multiple choice, linear scale and more that could be really useful in research. Also, there are a lot of setting available including decorative themes and creating optional and non-optional questions.

Google form survey can either be mailed to respondents via email or embed on a web page for people to come to fill in. It is especially used in businesses survey because they use this method to evaluate a new product. Google form survey and dissemination reduces the overall cost and time of printing out and distributing survey questions manually.

Steps to Create a Google Form Survey.

  • First, launch a web browser preferably google chrome then go to Log in your Google account or create a google account. From the top left corner click New then, go to More, click on Google Forms.
  • Click on the arrow icon to show options to create a blank form or use an existing template.

Blank allows you to create a unique template of your own while choosing a template are already made styles.

  • Now it is time to determine set up the question as well as the responses.
  • Click on the question tab. At the top, edit the title of the form and the description.
  • To add questions click Untitled Question and you can also add a description if needed.
  • Click the down arrow button to the right of the question to specify Question Type. by default, question type is set to multiple options, it can be changed from the down arrow.

Type of Question Used For Google Form Survey

The question type is dependent on how the question is constructed or composed. The following are the types of question type.

  • Short Answer

This question type requires short text input such as names or email address. You can ensure users enter valid email by going to the  More icon (three vertical dots) at the lower right corner then tick Data validation. Click the down arrow button to enter input type in this case Text and on the next dropdown Email address and lastly input a  Custom error text like “Please enter a valid email address”. To make a question required toggle on the required switch.

  • Paragraph

This type of question requires longer responses and it is typically used for answers such as comments and description. Use the drop-down menu on the right to choose paragraph question type and enter the question on the left.

  • Multiple Choices

The Google Forms survey involves listing options for users to select from. Add the first option over the Option 1 label, do the same to add more options. An extra option can also be created for the user to add an option that is not provided.

  • Checkbox

This is much similar to multiple choice. The main difference is that users can select more than one option from the options provided.

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However, users can limit the number of options that can be selected through the Data Validation option on the drop-down menu of the More icon.

  • Drop Down

This is also a multiple-choice style inform of a drop-down list. users can choose one option, this is highly suitable for age on a form.

  • Linear Scale

Linear Scale requires respondents to Google form survey to rank the extent to which they agree or disagree with a statement. The scale can be five or more and a label will be used to indicate the mind of the respondents. T

  • Multiple Choice Grid

Much unlike other, this option allows a respondent to provide a response to multiple options under a question.

Adding More Questions

After adding all the questions click the Add icon (+) in the lower left to increase the question. Then proceed to choose the question type.

Ensure your Google form survey is properly reviewed before finishing up. You can click and drag question into place and also preview.

Test your Google Forms Survey to ensure everything is properly done. After which, edit the Confirmation message that will appear when the survey is completed. The Confirmation message can be edited from the More menu at the top of the screen. Once all of the above is done, now it is time to share the google form survey. Click the paper airplane icon to send the form.

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Here are the options available

  • Email, click the Email icon then fill out the fields and click Send.
  • Shareable link, click the share Link icon to make a copy of the URL.
  • Embed a Google form survey to a website, Embed HTML icon. Ensure to adjust the width and height to fit the web page then copy the code and paste it on your website.
  • Social media, click any of the social media icons.

Saving Google Form Survey Responses

This is an important aspect of a survey because it is the ultimate goal of carrying out a survey. Getting responses and applying them to decision making paramount as such extracting and an order data is also important.

To do so, Click the Responses tab and then  the three vertical dots at the top of the screen to display the response tab displays:

Choose how your survey data will be saved.

Click Select response destination. The survey data will be saved to a spreadsheet, enter a relevant title and click Create.

The result of the google form survey can be checked at any time. You can also export data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet and open the associated spreadsheet on your Google Drive.

Raw Google Forms survey data, once it’s finished.

To make changes to the appearance of the survey data.

To set up real-time notifications as survey response comes in. Go to Click Tools > Notification Rules.

The Set notification rules include:

Set up a real-time notification.

Click the toggle on the button for when A user submits a form and click Save. As such you will receive a notification whenever a user submits a form.

To view Response Summary From the Google Form Survey

to view responses from the Google Doc survey. Click the Responses tab then Click Summary.